Frequently Asked Questions
Fieldproxy is a service that builds technology for businesses with large field force
We are a service. The major modules of the product are already built. In case you require any of the modules, we would ship it in your product, and will also work on any customized requests or modules required that are specific to your team and industry. In the long run such a productized service is going to be cost efficient (no need to pay monthly per user) and much more suited to your long term needs. And yes, we shall always be there to help you adapt to the latest technologies
You would be assigned a POC - Project Manager with whom you would communicate any requests or get the latest updates on the development process.
You. You own any of the code or assets that we create. Customfieldapps or any of its employees will never stake claim to the code we wrote to build your product. We would be hosting all the code on a file sharing service, so you would always have access to all the latest code at any point of time. We would deploy the code on your server or a custom cloud server of your choice.
It depends on the list of features that you require. It may take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months.
Yes. Depending on the complexity of the additional modules or features, there may be an additional charge over and above the initial project cost.
Yes. There would be a 1 year support period post deployment.
There would be a 20% advance, and then milestone based payments split in terms of 20%-20%-30%-10% of the project value
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