CRM automation for your Field teams
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Tailor made AMC management software for your service team

  • Create & Follow-up on AMC
  • AMC remainder & notifications
  • PMS visit & Scheduling
  • Complaint dashboard
  • Service Request
  • Create AMC – Generate time consuming AMC contracts on the go
  • AMC Schedule – Build customer relationships with punctual service routines, Receive reminder alerts in advance
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Easy to handle

Track real time Data everyday by using the our extensive templates remotely from anywhere and at anytime

Eliminate manual admin work!

Create and Follow Up on AMC

Eliminate tedious manual contract creation process with our automated AMC maintenance software

AMC reminder

Automatic reminder alert/notification helps the service manager to remind the customer to renew the contract

Manage complaints

Provide quality service by keeping track of all the customer complaints and follow up status at one place

PMS visit

Automatically sort the PMS visits from the AMC record and receive notifications for instant action of service

Let your field sales team have their own customizable CRM in their pocket and know who to visit, when to visit, what to pitch & how much to pitch

Assign and schedule appointments to your service technicians, share invoices & contracts to customers and have live updates on what your technicians are upto

Ensure you have a detailed overview of the locations visited throughout the day, distance travelled, active working hours and information on any rest stops

Ensure operation execution by setting up daily plans for your field employees, assigning orders to delivery staff, check order fulfilment status and ensure live tracking of orders for customers

Ensure field employees checkin and checkouts are geotagged and timestamped, capture and approve leave requests from employees.

Generate custom invoices with company logo that can be shared with customers over sms, email and whatsapp; quickly receive and process expense claims from your team real-time

Ensure the marketing, pricing, trade & promotional plans discussed in the boardroom are executed at the field. Also keep in touch with customers through emails & SMS reminders

With a completely flexible platform, you can mix & match any task in a way that is suited to your business needs

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