10 tips to perfect your sales pitch

Crafting a great sales pitch is not a piece of cake. But it might be one of the most important things a sales agent can do to improve conversion rates and quota attainment

Posted by By Nandinee Bairathi on November 24, 2020

10 tips to perfect your sales pitch

Crafting a great sales pitch is not a piece of cake. But it might be one of the most important things a sales agent can do to improve conversion rates and quota attainment. Strategies for sales pitch make up the bulk of a sales representative’s tools. They are resources used by the agents to communicate with prospective customers. And attempt to close negotiations. In simple words, it is an attempt to persuade someone with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service. Designed to start and close a sale of the service. Even when sales representatives have to sell their idea to an investor, the sales pitch might be the most important thing to focus on. Now that you know the importance of a sales pitch, below we bring you a few guidelines to improve your sales pitches. But before we start with that these are a few principles to remember…


  • Rock-solid research. To make a great sales pitch the agents must know what’s important to their counterpart and what business problems they’re trying to solve
  • Role-play your pitch with a trusted colleague and ask for true feedback
  • Seek permission to move ahead after your initial pitch by saying something like, “Are you ready to take the next step?”


  • Do not tense up.You should calm your facial expressions and keep your body language normal
  • Do not brag. Focus on how you can help your prospects.

1. In sales, what is said is just as important as how it is said

When crafting a pitch, many individuals spend a lot of time and energy on the content and the words they use, but not enough time on the effective delivery of the message. Your body language and your tone of voice should communicate enthusiasm and confidence. And reflect that you know all about the product/service that you are selling

2. Put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes

People buy for two reasons. They either have a business problem that needs to be solved or they have a personal need that your idea helps accelerate. It’s the job of a sales rep to figure out the customer’s motivations. Do your research by talking with the people you’re trying to win over, and others, well in advance of making your proposal. Think about what information you need to uncover. And convey how your product/service can easily solve the problems that they face

3. Follow Up

Good sales representatives are relationship builders who provide value and help their prospects win. The best tip for sales agents is to be consistent and reliable. Follow through on your word. Keep following up until you get a definite answer. Either a clear yes or no. Do not make the mistake of interpreting a lack of response as a no. Winning in sales happens in the follow-up. Field sales management software such as Fieldproxy makes this entire process a lot more easy for managers to check and sales representatives to follow up. Fieldproxy helps the field sales team reach customers at the right time with the right message. It helps to drive sales, build personalized experiences, stand out from the competition, and help achieve targets.

4. Go beyond the sale

In today's era, the customers see sales as more than a mere transaction. Things like anticipating their needs and offering them a good post-sales service will be decisive when they have to choose you over your competitor. Customer relationship management software like Fieldproxy offers various features. One of which is viewing your high Potential Leads. It helps provide your field salespeople with high potential leads. Those who exhibit sales-ready buying signals and behaviors. These signals can be tuned to the basis of your business. So that your sales team can only focus on those leads that are likely to convert. Imagine for a second how convenient it would become if the software filters out all the prospects which are likely to become your customers. And all you have to do then is to impress them with a confident presentation.

5. Ask for Referrals

Another important step in creating a scalable sales process. Make it part of your pitch. When a prospect has already made a buying decision, you can say that "Wonderful, if you are happy with our product, please recommend us to others who you think might benefit from our solution as well." Flawlessly convey that your startup has just started scaling up. This means you focus all your energy, time, and resources on delivering as much value as you can to our customers. We all know that nothing works as well as word-of-mouth advertising. You won’t believe it but incorporating such small sentences can bring a lot of customers your way.

6. Manage Objections

Most sales agents fail to prepare for objections. You want to identify the most common objectives and prepare for them. Your answers should be clear and concise. Rehearse your answers until you become well versed with them. When you face an objection in any sales conversation, you won’t need to think about which words to use. Instead of that focus on answering the question in a comforting manner. Keep eye contact. Nonverbally communicate expertise to create trust. If you prepare for objections, you will look forward to addressing them. Most salespeople fear and try to avoid objections. Great salespeople do the opposite. It is easier said than done. But you can be this confident only when you are well-prepared. You can use service management software such as Fieldproxy. Since they provide features such as optimum lead distribution. This goes without saying that every customer is different. And how each sales agent sells the idea too is not the same. For example, some sales pitches would need someone more experienced or expertise in the industry to deal with a specific kind of customer. And Fieldproxy will ensure that the sales pitch is not lost before it is started also by allocating the right lead to the right agent.

7. Highlight your product’s added value

A question often asked by the customers is that ‘what are you offering that the competition does not?’ Therefore, your number one selling point should be the differentiating factor of your company from the competition. If this selling point is strong, you will manage to acquire new customers and earn the loyalty of the existing ones.

8. Ask to Understand

The real secret to success in sales is empathy. Sales representatives should understand customers' wants and needs, their challenges and problems, so they can help them in the best way. One can gain this kind of understanding by asking questions. Do this until you know what they need. Only then should you sell them the right solution. A great piece of advice that has always helped me is that one must listen to understand and not to react.

9. Target audience

Before selling, sales representatives must know well who they are talking to. Having a profile of your target audience will help you know how to communicate with it, what language and tone to use, etc. This will make the entire sales process a lot more simple. Managers can make use of tools such as Fieldproxy to drive their sales. As there are many options like complete sales automation, Visualizing, and managing your entire sales pipeline. Here you can customize your pipeline stages based on the way you operate. Easily track the progress of your deals across multiple stages. Using them you will never have to manually intervene in the entire process once you set it up. And your field agents will also know well about the people they will be facing.

10. Account for all decision-makers

All the research and customer information in the world won’t help you if you aren’t in touch with the actual decision-makers who can approve the purchase. Before the actual sales pitch, ensure that you are talking to the person who is the decision-maker. This is easier said than done. Oftentimes, getting access to the actual decision-maker in a deal is a primary hurdle that salespeople face, and requires building trust and a more value-based relationship over time. Platforms like Fieldproxy also help here. As they can easily check with the managers. They can also be assigned custom tasks for each visit by their bosses so that there is no room left for the confusion.

If sales agents apply these 10 steps and bring them into practice, they will be able to craft and deliver an amazing sales pitch for their product, service, or idea.

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