5 must-haves for Field Service Management Platforms

When your customer places an order on e-commerce sites or order food online, tracking your delivery is very seamless. It shows they have a field service management software in place

Posted by By Nandinee Bairathi on November 23, 2020

5 must-haves for Field Service Management Platforms

When your customer places an order on e-commerce sites or order food online, tracking your delivery is very seamless. It shows they have a field service management software in place, enabling you to track everything so easily. And when they reach out to your field service business too - they would expect the same level of customer experience that a much larger organization would provide.

A field service management software like Fieldproxy can help your customers reach out friction-free through a mobile app. While your company can manage requests, check availability of technicians, prioritize tasks, and boost the overall efficiency and productivity of your on-ground team.

So if your business requires you to provide on-site customer support, then you need to zero-in on the best field service management software for your company. You need to evaluate your business needs and consider the essential functionalities that a field sales software has to offer. It is important to ensure that the field service software you choose also functions like a CRM software that is not too complex but provides the critical features and functionality to help your field-based teams close the sale. This way, managers can focus on the task at hand. Below are some features and pointers you should keep in mind before selecting any field service software

Scale and Performance?

Field Service software needs to support many users which is related to the size of the team. It needs to have the necessary performance to support a large number of individuals simultaneously. Even if the company starts with a small team for initial adoption, it is quite likely the scale will increase as the organization grows and expands. This has to be factored in while selecting any field team software. Tools such as Fieldproxy help you manage everything conveniently. It is very simple to use an app for field agents. Their AI-powered app suggests the right task for the right agent at the right time. The tool adapts as you scale and grow your business - so whether you have a 5-member field team or a 500-member field team, the tool scales as you scale


Any field service management tool needs to integrate with so many back-office applications and while selecting software should be assessed for the integration capability. Hence the platform which you select must be able to integrate with your CRM, billing software, delivery and service tracking APIs, etc. Before pledging their loyalty to your brand, customers look for a unified and no-frills experience across all touchpoints. This makes ease of integration a priority. APIs are just as important as they finesse the experience with invaluable plug-ins like delivery status, return status, geolocation, and customer signatures. Softwares such as Fiedproxy offer everything you need to manage your on-ground team. Not only these features. This platform also helps you build customer trust, loyalty by improving the speed, consistency, and efficiency of your field service operations as well.

A mobile field service app with comprehensive features

To maximize the potential of your field representatives, you have to make sure they are always connected to the helpdesk during their different visits. It’s a no brainer that field service agents will make the most out of a comprehensive, feature-rich field service app. Features to look for in a mobile field service app include the ability to

  • Locate and navigate to customer destinations. Tools like Fieldproxy helps provide your field service and sales team with high potential leads. Features such as optimum lead distribution and Dynamic beat allocations help in making the sales process smooth. It has a system designed to automatically generate the best route for your sales force
  • Clock in and out of appointments to log in field service times and get customer signatures when the work is finished
  • Add service notes for future reference, click and attach service pictures. Fieldproxy has features where you can bring your field operations to life with our highly customizable workflows.Technicians too can upload photos right from the job site to verify service and can also capture customer feedback through custom customer feedback forms. So that managers can quickly evaluate technician performance
  • Service checklist for personal and tracking purposes. Platforms such as Fieldproxy have this feature as well

Get a 360 view

Field Sales and service management software needs customer service representatives and field service executives to work together. In conventional systems, collaborating is a huge hassle since it is difficult to pass information between agents and technicians. However, a modern field sales management tool provides complete context about a customer’s conversations across various channels from a single view. Customer service agents and field service technicians no longer have to shuttle between so many windows to collaborate. On choosing platforms like Fieldproxy you can get a 360-degree view of your field operations . No more calls or multiple WhatsApp groups just to know what is happening on the ground. Keep track of all moving parts from the comfort of your office by using such CRM software for sales management.

It is easy to get lost in lofty, jargon-filled claims of the best field service management software. The best method to understand your business needs is to talk to the field service executives, helpdesk agents, or maybe delivery and supply chain partners. Involving them in your decision-making will clear the air on features required, gaps that need to be filled, and identifying bottlenecks and the major problems that need an immediate solution.

Cloud-based Technology

Several of the features of a field service management software like employee accountability using GPS, custom order forms, and photo archives, are using cloud-based technology. So it is necessary to assess the company’s cloud adoption strategy to ensure that Field Sales software is aligned with this strategy.

In addition to the features mentioned above, access to centralized information, smart scheduling capabilities, and robust reporting and analytics not only make agents’ jobs easier. Moreover, it alleviates the overall digital experience that users get. The correct on-ground team management software can be a direct contributor to business success. You can improve your field service team’s mobility, optimize operations, and eliminate the tedious paperwork generated by selecting the right solution. Fieldproxy can be your best option.

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