B2B Lead Generation For Dummies

B2B lead generation can be tough. It's important to get it right if you want to get sales. But if you follow some simple guidelines, it's easy! Read more here.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-12-07

B2B lead generation can be both challenging and rewarding – it all depends on which end of the spectrum you look at. If you're a business-to-business marketer, there's a good chance that you will agree with this statement. One of the most popular wishes that B2B marketers want to come true is to receive more high-quality leads while lowering their costs at the same time.

B2B lead generation can be a real bear because you are vying for attention in a space that is already overcrowded by businesses just like you, trying to sell the same services as you, at possibly the same cost as you. Especially when your target consumer doesn't want to buy!

In short, here’s what you need to take care of:

  • Longer time for conversion
  • Continuous development
  • Keeping up with the competition
  • Voice of authority

Sounds simple right? Easier said than done. Now let’s go into each of them in detail:

How to generate leads for B2B

Longer Time For Conversion

When you’re first starting out with lead generation, it’s not easy getting people involved or excited about your product. Naturally, it’s going to take a longer time to convert them into paying customers. Here’s how you can work to reduce that time

Laser Ads Targeting

You spend days or weeks sending emails about your company and all the great things your potential new customer could do if they just came to you. You become anxious when the other business still isn't responding. Weeks turn into months, and only then do you find out that they’d already been going through your competitor all that time even though you were sure you had found the right person at first.

Target the right decision makers in the company to get better results. That is how you get faster conversion times.

Faster Customer Support

It’s necessary to get back to the customer during their trial period, find out what difficulties they’re facing, and quickly solve them for building trust and reliability. Do this, and you can be sure your customer conversion time will go down drastically over time.

Continuous And Rapid Outreaching

This is one area where a lot of people face difficulties with lead generation. Reaching someone once with your deal is not going to have much effect. Reaching them multiple times a day and bombarding them with your ads isn’t going to work either. Here’s what you should be doing instead:

Organic Repurposing

You’ve got a great presentation. And you want to share it with others. This decision is both sensible and strategic because what you have to say will probably resonate with the core of your target audience.

But let’s be honest - it is challenging to come up with content that people would want to spread, so let’s make it easier for ourselves by creating something new.

Creating a short infographic or slideshow, writing a review in the form of a how-to guide or even making step-by-step instructions on how we accomplished our task are all simple ways for us to push out more content through our existing social channels before we think about writing high-quality blog posts. And posting on Quora, LinkedIn and other forums should not be neglected either! It’s all about saving time while making sure you don’t lose your audience’s attention.

Ask For Engagement

The best way to get someone to respond is to ask them to. It’s as simple as that. Invite your audience to write articles on your website and give them credit by publishing their names underneath each article. They'll appreciate the free promotion and perhaps you've convinced them to contribute more content in the future if they did receive ample gratitude for their creations.

Tell them what they'll get out of it, which could be freedom from stress and anxiety so as to advance deeper into self-realization, inspiration from good writers that come from all over the world who've literally written every piece of literary work you're ever likely to read!

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Keeping Up With Your Competition

It is more painful to lose a B2B deal than it is in B2C because you have invested so much time and effort in the prospect. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and analyze why they have managed to grab the deals that should have been yours. Here’s what you should do:

Know Your Competition In and Out

When comparing two things, you need to know about both of them. Especially if you want to understand how much better (or worse) one may be than another, or how much space there is for improvement in one relative to the other.

You can't expect to do a good job of explaining such things if you don't know enough about each of the compared items! So, we recommend keeping a close watch on what your competitors are doing and learning from their successes and failures so that you can establish some competitive advantages of your own by highlighting the best attributes of what makes your product stand out.

The most important thing is to zero in on this point without overlooking any details; which is why it’s crucial that you understand what it is that makes your product innovative and different when compared with others just like it.

Use A Marketing Tool

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Voice Of Authority

To effectively sell technology-based solutions, one has to make sure the customer understands how it will meet their particular needs. Such a discussion can be facilitated through effective use of tools like an API and other such systems that allow for seamless integration across the spectrum of products. Here’s what you can do to stay updated in your field, and emerge as a voice of authority.

Stay Updated On Your Product

It's important to make sure you're supplied with a sufficient amount of raw material from your client's customers. All their feedback and views should be documented because it will help you gain a better understanding of the people who will eventually be using your product or service.

This information helps relate to your clients' customers as well because hearing what they think about your product, live, is an opportunity for you to really get familiar with their concerns and how willing they are to use your product in the future.

Make A Case Study On Your Product

Implement what you learnt from the above step and share the results on social media, your blogs, and anywhere and everywhere people would like to listen. That’s how you build authority, and emerge as a positive voice in your space.

Connect Product With Sales And Marketing

The tech and marketing staff needs to team up. Their efforts will benefit each other. For example, the tech team will have an opportunity to learn about the product from the point of view of the user, which will be valuable for them in terms of developing more effective products and services that improve the customer's experience.

In turn, this approach will make it easier for sales and marketing to understand what developers actually do when it comes to creating new technologies and products, as well as why technical changes would be so helpful to their business - because now they know exactly how a given change can affect end-users.


  • B2B lead generation can be both challenging and rewarding
  • You need to take care of four challenges in order to improve your B2B lead generation strategy
    -- Longer time for conversion
    -- Continuous development
    -- Keeping up with the competition
    -- Voice of authority

Closing Thoughts

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