Which Software Is The Best For Sales Tracking and Auditing In 2021?

Getting the best auditing tool for your business might just be the toughest tasks you've ever had. Fieldproxy shows you how to make it simpler

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-04

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  • What Is An Sales Tracking and Auditing Software?
  • Does Your Business Use An Sales Tracking and Auditing Software
  • What Kinds Of Sales Tracking and Auditing Software Are There?
  • Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Sales Tracking and Auditing Today
  • How Sales Tracking and Auditing Software Can Help Your Business Grow And Succeed
  • How Fieldproxy Can Help Your Sales Tracking and Auditing Needs
  • Closing Thoughts

Sales Tracking With Fieldproxy

What Is A Sales Tracking and Auditing Software?

A sales tracking and auditing software makes inventory tracking faster, easier, and more accurate - by automating inventory and record keeping. What this essentially means is that it can help you save a lot of time and manpower wasted in finding and keeping track of what is and isn’t in your store.

Think of your local pharmacy - every week when the stockist pays the pharmacy a visit, the pharmacist searches on their computer to check if a particular medicine is in stock. They do this by checking into a sales tracking and auditing system, which keeps track of all the medicines in stock.

An automated auditing solution like Fieldproxy is your answer to maintaining an overwhelming amount of inventory without feeling overwhelmed.

Does Your Business Need Sales Tracking And Auditing

Depending on your the nature of your business needs, you may or may not need a sales tracking and auditing software. But it is a crucial business tool used by inventory managers, small business owners, inventory buyers/sellers on eBay, Amazon dealers/sellers who do dropshipping or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) marketing, manufacturers using build-to-stock manufacturing methodologies, warehousing distributors stocking inventory for resale to retail businesses such as restaurants or retailers stocking inventory for sale through their online stores such as on Shopify.

So if you’re someone whose business falls under this category, you definitely do need a Sales Tracking and Auditing tool. And Fieldproxy is the best sales tracking and auditing software for you if you’re new and looking to get started. It has a free demo that helps your business get started with your sales tracking and auditing needs.

What Kinds Of Sales Tracking and Auditing Software Are There?

Several types of Sales Tracking and Auditing systems can be used by a business in their day-to-day operations: Manual checks are Excel spreadsheets are the most common type of Sales Tracking and Auditing systems used by many businesses, but there are several issues with those methods. Something that can exclusively be used for sales tracking and auditing is what you need.

The Best Auditing Tool For 2021 - Fieldproxy

Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Sales Tracking and Auditing Today

Automated inventory tracking will save you time by reducing the amount of time that it takes to enter inventory data into a computer. By eliminating manual data entry, inventory records are stored more quickly, which reduces errors in inventory data entry.

Sales Tracking and Auditing Software automates Sales Tracking and Auditing tasks so that employees can focus on other activities that require using their skill sets rather than inputting inventory data throughout the day. Each activity is automated, which means less overall human error when performing inventory-related tasks.

With an appealing user interface, inventory managers will be able to work more efficiently and inventory data input errors are reduced.

How Sales Tracking and Auditing Software Can Help Your Business Grow And Succeed

  • With Sales Tracking and Auditing software or Sales Tracking and Auditing systems in place, inventory tracking becomes easier for everyone. Orders appear on screens almost instantly, which allows inventory manager employees to quickly analyze customer orders and determine product quantities needed for immediate delivery.

  • Inventory Managers or Small Business owners Who Do Dropship or Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) have access to inventory movement reports so they know what products are selling well and need to be replenished while also knowing what inventory needs to be rotated off shelves when it's no longer profitable.

  • As mentioned earlier, a sales tracking and auditing software reduces the time needed for inventory data entry by automatically putting inventory records into the system. By reducing inventory data entry time, inventory managers can spend more time performing inventory-related tasks and less time on Sales Tracking and Auditing tasks.

  • Once inventory is entered into sales tracking and auditing software, the record is stored in an inventory database so it's available for instant access when needed to make business decisions

  • Inventory Managers or Small Business owners Who Do Dropshipping or Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) will have access to real-time information about inventory levels enabling them to buy or sell products as necessary without waiting for a physical count of each item.

  • With an easy interface, inventory managers can work efficiently and employees input errors are reduced when manually entering inventory data. In conclusion, as long as you have inventory that’s being managed, a sales tracking and auditing solution should be used to keep track of it, if you want to increase efficiency and accuracy at the workplace.

Sales Auditing With Fieldproxy

How Fieldproxy Can Help Your Sales Tracking and Auditing Needs

There are a lot of free auditing tools for managing sales on the internet, and most of them work as advertised. So why are we stressing on Fieldproxy so much? It’s because Fieldproxy does more than just serving as your Sales Tracking and Auditing system. With Fieldproxy, you will be able to:

  • Conduct multiple different inventories and catalogues, completely customisable and tailored to your business.

  • Store past data, to ensure you’re capturing the right details, and cross-check incorrect data.

  • Supervise your inventory site visit teams, and assign, retract, and promote tasks and responsibilities to each and everyone in the team.

  • Customized reports, with better presentability and non-complicated setting up procedure.

  • Collaboration with different project leads and supervisors to gain insights and improve on performance and efficiency.

  • Capture and store logs of all equipment/inventory purchased in the name of the organisation and the field team in particular.

Using Fieldproxy’s online inventory control system, you can create and manage your company's product inventories online by using an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface that includes functionality for managing inventory as well as margin analysis and more. You can even do it via the software’s Android or iOS platform.

Managing your inventory with Fieldproxy is just way simpler and hassle-free.

Closing Thoughts

There are many more benefits to using a sales tracking and auditing software like Fieldproxy:

  • Cost-effective in the long run.
  • Access to information at any time from any computer with an internet connection (your survey data is backed up).
  • Easy and quick to create and save information when out in the field.
  • Photos and notes are easier to attach than writing on the photos themselves, thus making it cheaper for you as you need less paper, pens or pencils. More time in photo viewing mode.
  • There is an initial cost attached to buying this type of application but it's worth every penny if all goes to plan. Some field survey applications can be complex to use at first.
  • You may lose valuable information in the field by not writing it down straight away. But don't worry, capture the notes later in this type of application and it will be more easily accessible than having to try and decipher someone’s scribbled handwriting.

Remember: you also get timestamps with Fieldproxy’s Sales Tracking and Auditing software.

Book a demo with Fieldproxy today, and take your Sales Tracking and Auditing team to the next level.

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