Do you need an attendance management system?

Let's check out how the whole organisation benefits from a single tool.

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Attendance management has been in existence since millenia. In simple terms, Attendance management is the process of keeping track of all the employees of an organisation along with the work timings. It is the system that you use to document the employee work timings and the time they take off. This system not only helps the company to get detailed insights about the employee login/logout details but also enables to closely monitor the absence time, overtime hours, etc., Thus the audit for payroll can be efficiently calculated based on the collected presence data.

Do you need an attendance management system?

Think of it like this

If you imagine an organisation as a human body, then what would be the cells of the body? Of course, the employees! Employees are the building blocks of an organisation. Just like feeding and supplying nutrients to the cells for nourishment and regenerating, employees require neat management for optimum functioning. Streamlining and keeping track of the attendance is a major part of employee management.

Traditionally, attendance has been managed in various methods from old school paper registers to time clocks, spreadsheets etc.Particularly in the Field service management, every manager is aware of the fact that managing the attendance of the employee itself takes a huge chunk of their valuable time. Thus, a software to keep track of all the activities of field agents without any manual intervention would definitely be a boon for Field service managers.

Attendance management Use case

Field service agents have to mark their attendance regularly before starting their field work and report their check out time at their premise. There was no other way to overcome this pain. Field attendance management comes to their rescue. Let's check out how the whole organisation benefits from a single tool.

Checkin and Checkout

Biometrics partially reduce the burden of the managers. But it demands the employee to arrive at the premises physically to mark their presence. Fiedproxy's attendance management software is the easiest and most straightforward tool to capture the presence that doesn't demand any door access. The field employees just have to mark their Check in & Check out timings from their mobile phones on the go.

Fieldproxy has it's default templates that are custom made according to each Industry like pharma, FMCG, retail, construction etc., The attendance template consists of mandatory tasks such as Check in and Check out, Leave management, Shift and overtime management etc., It is highly customizable that the managers can create their own attendance task with the easy to use drag and drop feature within a blink. Field Managers can even demand their agents to take a selfie and attach the photo. Thus the manager can get real time updates of the agents' Check in and Check out timings along with their photo and the location.

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Leave management

Not more than 100 years ago, there wasn't even a term coined yet such as "paid leaves". They are forced to work for all days of the week throughout the year. But today, no one can successfully run an organisation with that ancient mindset. The leave plan of a successful organisation looks something similar to this.(attach delhi leave image).Thus Leaves are one of the prime reasons for an employee to work to their full potential. Leaves can even serve as a motivation in many cases. But, a problem arises here. What in case of sudden and emergency leaves? Will the software be able to handle this case? Lets see!

Fieldproxy's system is so well rounded that it keeps track of all the leave records under a single pane. Agents can apply their leaves along with it's reason from the comfort of their mobile using the mobile app. Leaves can even be scheduled in advance. Managers after receiving the request can take necessary actions like hold, approve or reject it. Hence the tool ensures that the workflow will not be affected at any costs and managers can assign the job to service employees accordingly.

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Attendance with Location tracking

Fieldproxy provides an excellent cloud based solution to manage the attendance of the agents along with their location. This mechanism does not demand any pre-installation unlike the biometrics. Managers can keep track of the agents attendance individually and all the attendance data can be integrated with other data for payroll calculation. This vastly increases the productivity

Reviewing attendance report

Now coming to the reviewing of reports, everyone knows how tedious report generation can be, keeping in mind the time and effort it requires. The collected data can be easily viewed with the help of an attractive dashboard. It is designed in a way to please the eyes of the viewer. Moreover, reports can be filtered according to the needs, on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis along with the work duration. Other necessary information such as the work duration, and even the time the employee has Checked in/out beyond the allocated time, can also be viewed

Thus the detailed insights can be analyzed and reports can be generated based on the data. Dashboard is very flexible and it allows to filter and sort the data according to the requirement. After report generation, they are available for download and can be shared effortlessly within a few clicks.

Timesheet and Calendar

Historically, a timesheet was used to be calculated on a sheet of paper about all the activities of an individual. Unless one uses the timesheet, it is not possible to know how precisely a manager can monitor the activities of an employee. This is 2021 and technological advancements provide the luxury to eliminate the fear of data loss or theft that has been written on a piece of paper.

The calendar is a feature offered by Fieldproxy, that helps to have a keen eye on all the activities of an employee throughout the day. The store Check in and Check out details gets automatically integrated with the calendar and provides a clear picture about the agents' activities throughout the day.

Benefits of Attendance management :


It is a world wide accepted fact that humans are prone to error. But providing them with a completely automated attendance management software rescues them from making costly errors

Cost cutting

Axsium group made a two week long study and came up with a conclusion that a large organization can cut the cost upto 45% per employee after implementing automated software.

Increased Productivity

The truth is that regardless of the size of the company, every field manager has to spend a huge slice of their precious time doing admin work like processing paper sheets, approving leave, scheduling and creating payroll. The time saved combined with the data accuracy skyrockets the productivity of an organisation

Risk management

In today's pandemic world, field workers are at major risk. Empowering them with an application that helps them to update all their work just from a mobile app is a life saver


Say goodbye to buddy punching, lost ID cards and time theft. Fieldproxy's system is built around highly secure architecture and exceptionally useful to the organizations where security is a prime concern.

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