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Posted by By Subbramanium on June 04 , 2021

Face is the new ID!

At its most basic, Facial recognition is the way of identifying or verifying a person's identity using their face. You can use these systems to identify people in photos, videos or even in real time.

Do you know? Accuracy of a well managed Facial recognition system is 99.97% on average. According to CSIS data and study conducted by NIST,

  • By 2024, Facial recognition market could generate 7 billion in revenue.
  • Between 2017-2021, Facial recognition software became 22 times better at searching databases
  • 90% of government buildings across US will roll out Facial recognition technology by 2025
  • The probability of an error in a well managed Facial recognition system is 1 in 97,000
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Challenges of traditional systems at present

In the world of Field management, agents have to sprint non stop on a daily basis. There are lots of factors that are predestined to reduce their productivity. Most of them are sadly inevitable.

More Concerning fact is, Be it a 5 member or a 500 member team, time spent by the agents just to mark their attendance at the premise, eats upto to 15% of their valuable work time, per week

To understand the need of a FR system, let's observe the challenges field agents are going through,

  • High human contact
  • Time wastage
  • Really low security
  • Unorganized staff maintenance
  • Low productivity

The organization has to address these painful challenges first, in order to aim for end goals like increasing ROI and profits

Presenting the solution : Fieldproxy Facial recognition system with touchless authentication

Fieldproxy Facial recognition feature is one of the fastest and simplest ways to mark the attendance. It captures an image of your employee's face to validate their identity when they attempt to Check in or Check out through the Fieldproxy mobile application.

"Heard of many positive reviews on the product. Started using it in our organization, and now our agents can perform twice the amount of tasks, as this software saves a lot of time."

Source : Benedict, Field sales manager

How does the Facial recognition feature work in Fieldproxy?

This Feature takes much less than a minute to facilitate stress-free attendance management. It captures an image of your employee when they check in, check out, or go for a break.

The image is then saved inside the system and can be accessed in the attendance module later by the managers to confirm the identity and the location of their agents.

This way the employees who work on-site do not need to use FR every time they check in or check out. With FR, you can accurately monitor the attendance of shift employees as well.

Client use case :

Client : A successful consumer goods company with revenue of more than $20 Million a month
Industry : FMCG
Size : Has customer base of above 25000
Challenges : Unorganized attendance management shrinks their productivity. Very low Field visibility. Delayed payroll


Managers have a tough time managing their staff attendance, and agents have to come to the premises at the start and end of every work day to mark their attendance.

Each time when an agent checks in a store for an order or delivery, they have to report to their manager. Managers keep track of agent store visits in a spreadsheet along with the location. Same applies for the check out as well. Some of them were having multiple whatsapp groups to maintain the store visits.

It took almost half of their productive time in collecting agent metrics, and field visibility was close to null.

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How does it benefit them?

In stores, the software uprooted the issues of identity theft, attendance fraud and other spiteful activities. The multiple benefits availed by the clients are

Time saving :

It barely takes 10 seconds to recognize your face and to store it in the attendance portal automatically which saves precious man hours.

Pin point Accuracy :

FR scans your face with 99.98% accuracy in face detection.

Payroll processing :

Attendance is inevitable for flawless payroll processing. Faces once recognized, are instantly enrolled in the payroll system.

Offline processing :

Fieldproxy FR works like magic offline too, extremely helpful in locations without internet access

Readymade Integration :

Attendance and Payroll modules are tightly integrated with each other, unlike other softwares, which takes hours of effort to develop integration.

Hygienic :

The system demands zero physical contact which ensures high cleanliness and Hygiene unlike biometrics or physical log books.

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The Bottom line :

Currently, more than 30 thriving companies across the Continent use our software to manage their attendance. With the advanced AI feature, you can be sure of your agent's identity, no matter where they work from. Explore this feature by setting up a free demo now!.

This is just one of the many features fieldproxy has to offer. visit to our site to explore more!

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