How Indiamart Became The Largest B2B Marketplace Leader In India - Fieldproxy Case Study

The real story behind the success of Indiamart. How Indiamart beat competition by providing great services to its clients. How it used email marketing, SEO, SMM & PPC to boost its revenue by 300% within 2 years.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-19

IndiaMart is one of the leading B2B marketplaces in India. It is an online marketplace for businesses to buy and sell products. It is very similar to Alibaba, and it can be used to sell anything from computer accessories to your company's office furniture.

You can sell and buy almost anything on IndiaMart and this has made it an incredibly popular website. There are hundreds of thousands of products listed and you can find anything from books to bikes and everything in between.

How did this all come to be, though? How did Indiamart go from just another eCommerce platform to the go-to site for business owners in India? Let’s find out.

What Does Indiamart do?

IndiaMART is a B2B marketplace that aims to help businesses escape the restrictions of traditional supply chains. By providing access to a digital platform optimized for access from desktops and mobile devices, businesses can improve their operations and generate more revenue. IndiaMART’s suite of services includes web storefronts, enquiry support, priority listings, premium number services, a lead management system, and payment facilitation.

IndiaMART’s ultimate goal is to bring potential buyers and suppliers together through their wide range of offers. IndiaMART provides their database of “behaviour-based matchmaking” that connects you with suppliers who may help you fulfil your specific requirements.

Then, depending on their categories and location, IndiaMART will then connect all of the parties involved into one smooth transaction. Finally, IndiaMART operates as a “horizontal marketplace”—a way for both groups to come together in one place thanks to its extensive selection of listings—to provide an even more convincing service for both sides.

How Did Indiamart Succeed?

Like any other successful company, IndiaMART’s strategy is constantly evolving. Many markets have already shifted from being desktop-focused to being mobile-friendly. IndiaMART has risen to this challenge by constantly looking for new opportunities for its business-to-business marketplace or constantly iterating on existing products to provide better value for potential buyers and sellers.

The mobile revolution required IndiaMART to offer a user interface and experience optimized for the plethora of different mobile devices now in use. Smartphone screens are much smaller than traditional desktop monitors, so navigation had to be rearranged accordingly. The organization also had to work around issues of inconsistent network quality and coverage, especially in rural areas with spotty or no cell phone reception at all.

What’s Next For IndiaMart?

IndiaMART is preparing itself to become a ‘mobile-first’ organization. This group of people must meet their technical and user experience requirements as well as support the two more key trends specifically for this particular country of India.

Buyers are now using more long conversational sentences during online searches rather than simply typing in keywords, this more interactive approach enables them to explore more of what is available. The majority of non-English users are already on the move who will soon be taking advantage of IndiaMART's technological advances that are made more simple for them with their search engines.

Challenges Faced By IndiaMart

There are many reasons why IndiaMART decided to now host its site on AWS. As you know, there are millions of buyers and sellers out there across the globe who use eBay every day, each making purchases and posting ads. This means millions of different requests for information may be sent to the site at any given moment.

There is no way for IndiaMART's servers at their data centre in North America to deal with this number of requests. The company had two choices: either hire more people or move their services from one server farm to another.

In light of all this, IndiaMART decided to move its operations from a physical data centre in the US over to an Amazon Web Service's (AWS) cloud-based platform that would give them close proximity to end-users while also giving their business the ability to grow without facing any technical challenges along the way!

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