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Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-08-17

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  • Why You Need A Field Survey App
  • How Do You Use A Field Survey App?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Field Survey App?
  • How Fieldproxy Works As A Field Survey App
  • Does Your Business Need A Field Survey App?
  • Types of Field Survey Apps
    -- Notetaker Field Surveying App
    -- Latitude & Longitude App
    -- GPS Altimeter App
    -- 3D Measurement App
    -- Elevation App
    -- Camera Field Surveying App
  • Closing Thoughts

A survey field assistant application or a field survey app as they are commonly known is used by surveyors to record data and measurements while in the field, allowing surveyors to spend more time collecting data and less time having to input information back at the office.

A field survey app allows surveyors to instantly add photos & videos, audio recordings, and GPS coordinates to survey field sheets using smart survey apps. This allows surveyors to track progress on projects in real-time, while survey assistants that are not required to have survey equipment can assist surveyors by inputting survey data automatically via a survey field app back at the office or even on another continent for example.

Best Field Survey App

How To Use A Field Survey App

Why You Need A Field Survey App

A field survey app is an electronic survey tool, most commonly used with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or a Total Station, which assists people who oversee construction projects, land development or mining operations. It helps users record and share field notes like images of potential issues like gas leaks and water damage in one easy click.

Every single day there are thousands of photos taken from cell phones around them and they are only used to show friends and family. Field survey apps take that same technology and use it as surveyors.

Using services like Fieldproxy as their field survey app is a must for surveyors with no assistants or survey crew members who need help entering da0ta into a survey database. Not only does using one ensure the surveyor spends more time collecting data, but it also creates a mobile field office wherever the user may be.

This means an increase in efficiency and productivity as well as reductions in costs due to transportation of materials required for static field offices around the project area (eg; pencils, pens) not being needed anymore.

How Do You Use A Field Survey App?

Survey field apps can be used by all levels of field agents - from beginner surveyors to survey veterans - as they are mostly self-explanatory and surveyors can add data at their own pace. The field survey app only needs to be preloaded with a survey project template for the user to follow, allowing surveyors of any experience level to get up and running quickly.

After installing a simple field survey app like Fieldproxy on your Android, iPhone, or iPad you will be able to deploy the following functions effectively in just a few steps:

  1. Select Survey Data Sheet Template
  2. Offline GPS Signal - Enter Coordinates
  3. Take Photos and Add Notes
  4. Quickly Collect Data

Field ​Survey apps also allow surveyors to create backup copies of data so god forbid when the main files are lost or damaged, there is always another set available on the field survey app’s database.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Field Survey App?

The primary advantage of using field survey apps is that these apps provide the ability to use just your smartphone, iPhone or tablet as a replacement for your survey equipment, in areas with remote internet access, for instance, deep in the jungle.

GPS signals can be very weak inside buildings too sometimes, so it's important for surveyors to have some survey data saved onto their device before they pull out their Total Station or other survey equipment when strong signals become available outside.

The field survey app market is filled with software products that allow users to quickly collect massive amounts of information, which is great for under time pressures but sometimes more data than this is needed (Example - topographic surveys) where fast-paced entering of survey data may not occur.

There are also field survey apps like Fieldproxy where surveyors can view survey models to see what's happening in real-time on their survey project.

How Field Survey Apps Work

How Fieldproxy Works As A Field Survey App

If you are looking to effectively manage your field team, check out Fieldproxy - it’s a no-code workflow tool that lets anyone with a field team quickly build applications to efficiently manage their field operations.

Fieldproxy is a field sales tracking app and the best employee tracking software out there that offers to help you better track your assets in a way that is compatible with other systems and is easily accessible.

  • Import your surveyors’ data from an excel file to create new project templates or pick from several project templates provided. All with just a few clicks.

  • Upload your photos to be used as field control points, field images or background images in your project file. You have the option to view them using Fieldproxy’s photo viewer for quick reference and can be removed if preferred. Photos are stored on your local device so there is no need to worry about uploading large files that you may not need!

  • View Field Control (photo + notes) at any time from a list or add notes when viewing real-time in photo viewer mode

  • Collect unlimited amounts of measurements, bearings, distances & areas with this field survey app and export them all into a single excel sheet file for clients. Survey report or data analysis.

  • Collect unlimited geographic points such as lat/long using GPS with this field survey app and export them all into a single excel sheet file for client report or data analysis. To be used with your Survey Pro subscription.

  • Measure angles & directions quickly with a dual compass view in this field survey app and see bearings from the main viewing screen while you are on the move.

Does Your Business Need A Field Survey App?

Use a field survey app or not? The simple answer is if you can afford it, use a field survey application. Why?! Because not only are you able to collect more data than with just paper and pencils but you will also have access to that data on your computer at any time.

There is nothing worse than collecting as much information in the field only for it to get lost along the way because it was never transferred over from paper into a digital format… Isn't that why we use computers? So we don't forget anything or enter it twice.

There are many more benefits to using a field survey app like Fieldproxy:

  • Cost-effective in the long run.

  • Access to information at any time from any computer with an internet connection (your survey data is backed up).

  • Easy and quick to create and save information when out in the field.

  • Photo notes are easier to attach than writing on the photos themselves thus making it cheaper for you as you need less paper, pens or pencils. More time in photo viewing mode.

  • There is an initial cost attached to buying this type of application but it's worth every penny if all goes to plan. Some field survey applications can be complex to use at first.

  • You may lose valuable information in the field by not writing it down straight away. But don't worry, capture the notes later in this type of application and it will be more easily accessible than having to try and decipher someone’s scribbled handwriting. Remember: you also get timestamps with Fieldproxy’s field survey software

Types of Field Survey Apps

A field survey app also takes on different forms based on the needs of the business. So despite their many different forms and functionalities, at the core, all the below apps fall under the field survey category.

Notetaker Field Surveying App

This type of note-taking field app is one of the most basic kinds of field survey apps that help to get your thoughts out onto a computer or tablet screen. It saves photos with all the important details written on them.

Latitude & Longitude App

Is used to convert point locations into x,y coordinates to be displayed on a map (online or offline).

GPS Altimeter App

A type of application that uses your phone's built-in camera, compass and GPS antenna, plus software that measures angles and distances from images. You can use this field app in real-time while on location.

3D Measurement App

Geodetic measurement apps have distinct differences between different brands but they all share some characteristics: locate you by your position using GPS a combination of satellite navigation data and IP location services along with an attached digital camera that takes pictures of the object from different positions and angles.

Elevation App

When you’re looking for a field app that shows you elevation data, using gravity sensors and GPS, altitude data are displayed in real-time (not just altitude but the difference between two points) on topographic maps overlaid onto Google Earth, an elevation software is the perfect choice.

Camera Field Surveying App

Taking photos while on the field is one thing but using new technology to make better quality measurements with a camera (smartphone) is this type of application at work. Surveyors have used similar techniques for taking accurate measurements within construction sites or oil rigs from the ground up. Well, now you can measure or judge distances down to 0.1mm on a digital app.

Closing Thoughts

An employee attendance management and time tracking software that fulfils all your needs is Fieldproxy - a one-stop solution to all your field service and employee tracking needs. With Fieldproxy, you can easily

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  • Create tasks for different employees and manage them seamlessly.

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