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Convert more leads in Indiamart with this Integration

Capturing the lead is just half the battle. Managing and following up is the other half which is very gruelling.

A better alternative to Jobber

Jobber is a proven winner in Field service management software. As great as Jobber is,though, it might not be the best fit for your business. Here's why

Kickserv alternative - See why Fieldproxy is the perfect fit for Indian business

Looking for something simpler and more affordable than Kickserv? You are at the perfect place.

Facial recognition solution with touchless authentication for your Field teams

Check in and Check out remotely with just a smile :) Say cheese to Fieldproxy FR!

Stay updated from the comfort of your desk with Whatsapp notification feature

Field manager, You are not alone!

Hands down the most effective solution to revamp your order and delivery management, period

Does software change your order and delivery fortunes?

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions during COVID

One of our clients faced a sudden surge in demand for Oxygen cylinder and refilling due to the pandemic and unforeseen sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in India. Order booking and enquiries surged by 600% , and reduced office personnel made it difficult for logistics and follow ups. Here’s a gist of what problems we faced and how we helped our client to improve operational efficiency by automation and analytics

Fascinating behind the scenes look at Inventory management software ?

he organizations of customer's choice are the ones that provide the right goods at the right place and at the right time. This is the main prerequisite for an organization to be successful. The truth is that most businesses struggle to accomplish this feat. Not to mention the tedious manual labour and the time consuming process of tracking all the inventory there's a whole lot of things that may go wrong

Do you need a attendance management system ?

Field service agents have to mark their attendance regularly before starting their field work and report their check out time at their premise. There was no other way to overcome this pain. Let's check out how the whole organisation benefits from a single tool.

How to convert cold leads to Prospects

Before we begin with the methods, tips, and techniques, let us take a second to understand what is a cold lead. They are basically your target market.

Inside Sales vs. Field Sales: Which should you choose?

The difference between inside sales and outside sales aka field sales is significant

10 tips to perfect your sales pitch

Crafting a great sales pitch is not a piece of cake. But it might be one of the most important things a sales agent

5 must-haves for Field Service Management Platforms

When your customer places an order on e-commerce sites or order food online, tracking your delivery is very seamless

The best tool for service technicians: Fieldproxy vs. ServiceTitan vs. Jobber

To conclude a valid answer to this we must know all about his software. It is a cloud-based field service software designed to help people run their business smoothly

The #1 Fieldsense alternative is Fieldproxy : Fieldsense vs. Fieldproxy

Managing a field team requires organization and a lot of focus. Having the right field sales management tools in place is necessary to be able to drive representatives to follow a sales plan

The best bookkeeping app for your business: Khatabook vs. Okcredit vs. Fieldproxy

The population of our country is more than a billion. And there are numerous small and medium-sized businesses, where several traders, vendors, and shopkeepers operate to earn their livelihood.

What all features should you look for in your delivery management software

To run any business, no matter big or small, there are millions of challenges that you as a business owner have to face every day. The competition is cut-throat in the market today,

A traditional CRM may not work for your field sales team. Here is why

The most expensive thing that you can do in sales is to spend your time with the wrong prospect

Why do you need a Field service management software to better manage your technicians?

In today's highly competitive business environment, there's a constant struggle that every business owner faces. And that is how to effectively manage the employees who are out...

Why is tracking your sales team location important?

know the list of customers your team has visited, the total time they have spent in each location & the idle time

Three Brands that rose from the brink of death!

Failure is a fact of business life. Nearly 27,000 companies filed for bankruptcy in 2014 alone. About 74 per day!...

Why do brands die?

The sentiments of consumers for a brand is more like fire. During good times, it’s a roaring campfire. Emanating light and heat...

5 innovative pricing strategies for consumer goods brands

Pricing is one of the most exigent marketing decisions to be made. If the price is too high, it can scare customers away...

Using AI in Consumer Goods Industries

When I first saw ‘Terminator’ I pictured the evolution of AI as a fairytale idea. But now it’s everywhere around us...

5 Examples of Customer Personalisation in Consumer Brands

Today’s consumers expect personalized marketing, and brands who use data-driven campaigns to tailor content...

Customer Co-Creation : Dos and Don’ts

You, tell me — when 36% of consumers are looking to try new products why do 76% of products launched on the market fail?...

6 Attributes of Every Great Sales Leader

Looking back at it, businesses were almost too simple. Designers create products, marketers decide strategy and sales execute the numbers.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition in 2020

The cost of acquiring new customers has increased by over 50% in the last five years. Customers are becoming less trustworthy of brands, marketing is becoming more expensive, and companies should just give up