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Looking for something simpler and more affordable than Kickserv? You are at the perfect place.

Posted by By Subbramanium on June 10 , 2021

"The Feasible kickserv alternative - Fieldproxy"

A Field service management software can literally cut down your busy work into half and helps you save lots of time and resources. It can help you to communicate with technicians in the field and to track them precisely. Choosing the right software is extremely crucial.

With that being said, one of the most commonly used software, especially in the Indian market is Kickserv Field service management software. It is a leading field service tool with countless satisfied customers. No doubt it is a great tool.

As good as kickserv is, it may not be a best fit for your company. Your company may work with a different pricing model or you might need a feature they don't offer. Or the complex User interface (UI) or User experience (UX) may not make you feel intuitive and difficult to adapt. In this case Another popular and booming competitor comes into picture :- Fieldproxy

Fieldproxy helps you by providing the must have feature that the counterpart fails to offer with better value for money.

Let's make a detailed comparison to help you choose the perfect fit for your business.

What is Kickserv?

Kickserv is a cloud-based field service management solution that helps the small businesses by providing tools to manage leads, jobs, collect invoices and payments etc,. It also provides a platform for contact management, billing, work order management, scheduling and dispatching and more.

The solution also offers mobile applications for ios and android devices that help technicians to send updates and notes to the teams in the office.

What is Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy is a full fledged field management software, that helps the business of any size by providing advanced tools and functionalities to effortlessly manage all the field operations. Managers can effectively create tasks for their agents from a web based dashboard with a simple drag and drop. It acts as a one stop solution by providing all the features a business requires and more.

Fieldproxy can be tailored to suit businesses in various industries that include plumbing, electrical, HVAC etc,. The AI powered solution offers robust and easy to use mobile applications for both ios and android platforms.

Features : Kickserv vs Fieldproxy

Features of Kickserv

They provide seamless features that allow employees to learn sales opportunities and the customer needs. Kickserv provides a comprehensive platform to manage the inventory, monitoring the field operations, tracking, routing and more.

The software is packed with important features that makes it a default choice for most of the proprietors and small sized enterprises. Let's have a quick look at them

  • Job management
  • Customer portal
  • Import and export from excel
  • Scheduling & Calendar
  • Invoicing
  • Mobile access
  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • File attachments
  • Account support
  • Analytics

These features are enough to smoothly run a field service business. But what makes the kickserv users look for an immediate alternative?....The answer lies in the questions below

Not particularly for Jobber, I suggest you ask these questions before choosing any Field service management software.

Why Indian business deliberately sidestep Kickserv?

Though these features might look comprehensive at the beginning, If we watch closely enough, we may be able to notice that the software lacks plenty of basic features, which leaves the clients unsatisfied, eventually making them look for an alternative.

Choosing a Field service management software is not an easy task. Before choosing a software, you have to make sure whether the tool that you adopt provides clear cut answers to the following questions.

  • Is the pricing affordable and coherent for your business?
  • How user-friendly is their mobile app?
  • Does the software allow cost/expense tracking?
  • If yes, then does it allow you to edit expenses easily?
  • Does it have a sophisticated Online booking platform?
  • Can you schedule jobs using the tool? (Calendar)
  • How effective is location tracking? (for your region)
  • Does the software provide inventory management and control features?
  • Will it be able to send you Automated reports?
  • Does it allow you to upload multiple photos simultaneously?

Only after using for the first month, most of the users realize that Kickserv does not provide any of these mandatory features. Particularly for small Indian businesses, it may not seem to be a big deal at the beginning.

But in the long run, they struggle to find solutions to these issues and are left behind by their competition and seek for an alternative. But what guarantees the quality of your next pick?

Don't worry! We won't leave you hanging.

The finest alternative :- Fieldproxy Field management software

Fieldproxy is a feature packed software, designed specifically for Indian businesses, which ensures you can manage all your operations within a single tool. What makes Fieldproxy a best alternative to Kickserv is the adaptability and the quality along with the features that counterpart failed to offer.

Managers can create workflows for their employees from the web dashboard and assign tasks for their agents within minutes.

It has a user-friendly mobile app from which the field agents can update the tasks once they complete and managers can get field updates in real time.

Features of Fieldproxy :

This feature rich cloud based application brings all your field tasks under one roof with the most interactive web application and highly capable mobile app. The heavy duty software provides ample features like

Attendance management :

The powerful mobile app allows your agents to mark their attendance remotely, along with their photos and location.

Leave management :

Staff can apply their leave in advance from the app itself and managers can approve, reject or hold the leaves.

Scheduling :

The Calendar feature allows you to schedule the work plan for the team.

Mobile app :

The user friendly mobile app allows the agents to feed the data within seconds and the data gets automatically sent to the manager

Invoice and billing :

You can easily choose a template from the set of predefined templates and generate invoices within seconds.

Setup a Hierarchy:

You can setup your own hierarchy based on the team or the employees and show/hide the particular data

Inventory management:

All your inventory can be managed easily from the tool itself, across multiple channels and devices with a centralized view.

Expense tracker:

The tool allows you to track all the expenses easily from the web dashboard and helps you with calculations

Reports :

Report generation usually takes 20% of the manager's work everyday. Fieldproxy automatically generates the agent report on a daily basis and sends it to you via whatsapp.

Customer support :

Fieldproxy provides you 24x7 onsite/offshore customer support for Troubleshooting capabilities, software support, assistance etc.,

What users has to say about the product

"We love the ability to create automated reports and sort data on services used, technician job report, expenses and more."
Source : Francis, Manager at Cogent data

The Final verdict :

Numerous Indian users mention the ease of configuration and value for money as major pros of Fieldproxy. Kickserv is not far behind in terms of features.

For an organization seeking to utilize a field service software to its fullest potential, a well rounded product like Fieldproxy satisfies all your business demands than the pricier software like Kickserv with obviously less features.

You are just a click away from trying out Fieldproxy Field management software. Book a demo and make Fieldproxy do the best work for your business.

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