The #1 Fieldsense alternative is Fieldproxy : Fieldsense vs. Fieldproxy

Managing a field team requires organization and a lot of focus. Having the right field sales management tools in place is necessary to be able to drive representatives to follow a sales plan

Posted by By Nandinee Bairathi on November 11, 2020

"The #1 Fieldsense alternative is Fieldproxy : Fieldsense vs. Fieldproxy"

Managing a field team requires organization and a lot of focus. Having the right field sales management tools in place is necessary to be able to drive representatives to follow a sales plan, and to measure and coach them appropriately. The most important thing in sales is prospecting. Unless one can gain a meeting with his prospective client, there is no chance he creates an opportunity. Without opportunities, there is no success. They say the discovery is the most important part of selling well. Hence you need an efficient field sales management tool. There are two very popular field management software- Fieldsense and Fieldproxy. Both are used by business owners all over the country. Let's have a look at them.

What is Fieldsense?

It consists of a mobile app along with a web-based dashboard that together forms an effective sales force tracking, monitoring, and reporting system. This feature allows the managers to check the availability status of their on-field individuals from the web-dashboard. Presently FieldSense mobile app runs on Android and iOS platforms.

Key Fieldsense Features:-

1. Location tracking

your sales team is out on the field, it becomes important to monitor their productivity throughout the day. This feature by Fieldsense allows you to do so. It lets you drill down to the current location of every member of your field team. Also displays all the pertinent information on their day’s schedule and accomplishments.

2. Attendance Management

This feature enables the field sales team to punch-in to work from anywhere along with location validation from where they punched in. This allows them to start working without coming to the office. Just to get their present marked.

3. Dashboard and Insights

The FieldSense Dashboard primarily aims to provide users with an overview of the field & sales force. From their present location to attendance and visit status. These dashboards also show productivity insights on visits, expenses, distance covered.

4. Customer Address Management

The location-awareness in FieldSense serves as a good tool for maintaining the quality of customer address databases. Whether it’s a long-standing customer who’s shifted office, or a new prospect being visited for the first time, your sales force can ‘pin’ the address which ensures that the information is accurate.

5. Activity Report Logging

Using this feature the field representatives can submit outcomes of meetings right from the time they step out of them. This enables them to report the meeting summary to their team and managers without wasting time.

Though these features might appear very fulfilling at first but there are a few major drawbacks of Fieldsense, which does not make it a compelling field sales solutions for most teams that are looking for an all-in-one field management solution

1. Lack of customization

When you use a professional tool for field sales management, you expect it to provide all the features to communicate with each member of the team and customize the workflow for them. Fieldsense lacks this feature. As there is very limited customization options present it leaves the user a dilemma of how to manage what. And which task should get priority. It assumes that every company's sales team operates in the same way and has the same processes and workflows. And hence even minor modifications in the processes make it difficult to manage. And if you and your field sales team have existing processes in place - it becomes very difficult for your team to adapt to the predefined workflows that are setup by the Fieldsense system

2. Use limited to only field sales

Any business owner understands that when they run a business they have hundreds of other errands to run. And that is why they choose an efficient field sales management software in the first place. But Fieldsense can only be used for tracking and monitoring the sales representatives. It does not take care of other activities such as delivery management, customer relations management, finance or HR systems. This would mean you would have to use multiple other tools also - which would increase your overheads both in terms of time and costs

Fab Fieldense Alternative : Fieldproxy

What do you do when you deliver wrong or defective products to your customers by mistake? Simple. You replace it. This is exactly what you should do when you choose the wrong field sales management software. You should go for better alternatives. And the best Fieldsense replacement is Fieldproxy In a nutshell, it is a product that helps managers and teams of retail, restaurant chains, consumer goods, construction, real estate companies to collect data from the field in a structured format. Managers can create tasks through a web dashboard and assign tasks to agents on the field. It is a very effective field sales management software. Let us now look at what better features this tool offers.

1. More leads = Flourishing business

Fieldproxy helps your field sales team reach your customers at the right time with the right message to help you drive sales. It helps your force to build personalized experiences and stand out from the competition. The feature of optimum lead distribution helps in dynamic rule-based allocation of leads so that the sales reps are only assigned leads based on their existing workload and their likelihood to close the deal.

2. Saves time and increases productivity

Fieldproxy allows your sales force to find all the field data in a single place. Moreover, with features like real-time live location tracking one can know the effective time spent in the field by their salesmen. Hence it helps in tracking and improving any field agent’s productivity and building better customer relationships.

3. Visualize and manage well

Fieldproxy is no doubt a better alternative than apps like Fieldsense because of multiple reasons. It also solves the problem such as lack of customization. Fieldproxy has options through which one can visualize and manage their entire sales pipeline. Moreover, one can easily track the progress of his/her deals across multiple stages. Features like complete sales automation take all your load and you never have to manually intervene in the entire process once you set it up.

4. Pricing and Support

The first one is the fees. Fieldsense has a free plan- up to 25 users free. But very few people know that they charge for support - and ultimately you would need the support. It is a smart way of advertising and attracting customers but ultimately tricking them. Whereas Fieldproxy has a fixed fee with no hidden costs their quality speaks for itself. They have plenty more features and everything is crystal clear. Moreover, Fieldproxy has real-time live support, including support over WhatsApp. It is an all-in-one tool to manage your field team's operations. Whether you manage a 5 member field team or a 500 member field team - the pricing is all the same. The tool adapts as you scale and grows your business