The #1 PandaDoc Alternative - Fieldproxy

PandaDoc is a great tool for small businesses, but if you’re looking for a fully customizable contract management software for your business, the best PandaDoc alternative is Fieldproxy.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-08-18

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  1. PandaDoc Vs FieldProxy - Who Takes The Cake?
  2. What is PandaDoc?
  3. What is Fieldproxy?
  4. Key Features and differences
    -- Proposal Creation
    -- eSignature Collection
    -- Dashboard and Insights
    -- Customisation
  5. Lack Of Customization
  6. The Best PandaDoc Alternative : Fieldproxy
    -- More leads = Flourishing business
    -- Fieldproxy saves time and increases productivity
    -- Visualize and manage well
    -- Pricing and Support

PandaDoc Vs FieldProxy - Who Takes The Cake?

The contract management software market is riddled with dozens of tools that claim to offer great services. Not many live up to their reputation, however, and it becomes a tedious job for small businesses to choose a proper contract management software for their contracts, that’s affordable, customisable, and a hundred per cent tailored to suit their needs.

For business owners, the process of making and managing contracts can be daunting. You don’t want to spend time negotiating agreements that may unnecessarily hold up your operations so it is important to look for tools that make this work painless.

In fact, some businesses have found that investing in a contract management tool can help them save thousands of dollars. But that only matters if you get a proper tool for your contract management. PandaDoc is a great tool, but it is limited in many areas, so what’s the alternative? One word: Fieldproxy.

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a mobile and web application that works to help you create, gather, and complete and maintain contracts as efficiently as possible. It’s completely cloud-based and offers integration with popular services. PandaDoc is also simple to use and saves a lot of time for businesses that need this contract management on a regular basis.

What is Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy is a full-featured software product with a mobile app that helps managers and teams of retail, pharma, FMCG, construction etc., to collect data in a structured manner. Managers can efficiently create tasks from a web-based dashboard and assign them to the agents on the field. You can also create and manage contracts using Fieldproxy. The app is powered by advanced AI solutions that suggest the right tasks for the right technicians at the right time.

Key Features and differences

Proposal Creation


There are only a handful of companies that do a better job than PandaDoc at creating proposals. Their massive library of templates helps business owners prepare contracts in a relatively small amount of time. What they lack, however, is the ability to thoroughly customise a template. In the end, templates are just that - a simple format. You should have full control over them to customise them to your business’ liking.


The motto is "No Planned routes has no Prominent results!" Fieldproxy is one of the best contract management software out there in the market today. It helps users with a complete, no-code build of a product, from the ground up, which enables you to build a contract management system that works around your business, and is tailored to it specifically. Although it doesn’t have a built-in template library, you can use Fieldproxy to build a contract in a jiffy, send it out, and get them back signed and verified, all under one roof.

eSignature Collection

eSignatures are a hassle for some businesses. Most contract management software don’t support eSignatures from clients because there are a lot of problems that come with them. Regardless, both PandaDoc and Fieldproxy have done well to capture and accept eSigns.


PandaDoc does a great job in collecting eSignatures and allows for tracking and analysing your contracts. It is really useful for handling future contracts.


Fieldproxy also allows for easier document signing and reminds you when contracts are expiring and need renewal. This makes it easier for contract management and while PandaDoc offers a similar feature, Fieldproxy is cheaper and more user-friendly.

Dashboard and Insights

The dashboard view primarily aims to provide users with an overview of your current contracts and accessibility options.


For PandaDoc, we have a collection of templates from the template library, ready for customisation and deployment. You also get a free plan that provides much of the tools for proper contract management software, all to make the lives of smaller businesses easier.


Each and every metric of your team that have been gathered to date will be ready for viewing in the dashboard. Managers will be able to get all the detailed insights specifically for each contract in progress, which most field service management software miss out on. You also get detailed contract analysis, which is very useful in handling your contracts and getting in touch with clients.


Customisation is a crucial part of contract management because it lets businesses help themselves stand apart from the crowd. Both PandaDoc and Fieldproxy deal with customisation in different ways.

While in PandaDoc you have a list of templates with limited customisations, with Fieldproxy you’re getting the ability to create and multiply contracts, completely unique and with little to no effort required on your part. Both offer customisations but getting a one-hundred per cent unique contract management software is something only Fieldproxy has managed to achieve.

Though these features might appear very fulfilling at first, there are a few major drawbacks with PandaDoc, which does not make it a compelling solution for most teams that are looking for an all-in-one contract management software. This is where PandaDoc comes in.

Lack Of Customization

This is the most crucial difference between Fieldproxy and PandaDoc. When you use a professional tool for contract lifecycle management, you expect it to give you complete control over what type of contracts you’re creating, who you’re sending it to, and whether or not that same contract will be used again. PandaDoc lacks this feature. As there are very limited customization options present it leaves the user a dilemma of how to manage what. And which task should get priority.

PandaDoc assumes that every company in a particular industry (mentioned in the form of templates) - for instance, every sales team - operates in the same way and has the same processes and workflows. And hence even minor modifications in the processes make it difficult to manage. And if you and your field sales team have existing processes in place - it becomes very difficult for your team to integrate your contracts seamlessly and manage them all in one place.

The Best PandaDoc Alternative : Fieldproxy

What do you do when you deliver wrong or defective products to your customers by mistake? Simple. You replace it. This is exactly what you should do when you choose the wrong contract management software. You should go for better alternatives. And the best PandaDoc replacement is Fieldproxy In a nutshell, Fieldproxy is a product that helps managers and teams of retail, restaurant chains, consumer goods, construction, and even real estate companies to collect data from the field in a structured format. Managers can create tasks through a web dashboard and assign tasks to agents on the field.

Apart from this, Fieldproxy helps you manage, build, and maintain contracts through its no-code solution, with only workflows. It is a very effective field sales management software. Let us now look at what better features this tool offers.

More leads = Flourishing business

With Fieldproxy as your contract management software, your field sales team reaches your customers at the right time with the right contracts to help you drive more sales. It helps your force to build personalized experiences and stand out from the competition.

The feature of optimum lead distribution helps in dynamic rule-based allocation of leads so that the sales reps are only assigned leads based on their existing workload and their likelihood to close the deal. Similarly, with a proper contract management software in place, you get more done with minimum effort, save a lot of time in the process, and retain a greater number of clients. This leads us to our next major benefit.

Fieldproxy saves time and increases productivity

Fieldproxy allows your sales force to find all the field data in a single place. Moreover, with features like real-time live location tracking one can know the effective time spent in the field by their salesmen. Hence it helps in tracking and improving any field agent’s productivity and building better customer relationships.

Visualize and manage well

Fieldproxy is no doubt a better alternative than apps like PandaDoc because of multiple reasons. It also solves problems such as lack of customization, which we’ve discussed before extensively. Fieldproxy has options through which one can visualize and manage their entire contract pipeline. Moreover, one can easily track the progress of his/her contracts across multiple stages. Features like complete contract automation take all your load and you never have to manually intervene in the entire process once you set it up.

Pricing and Support

PandaDoc has a free version that most small-scale businesses can use as a contract management software. However, it is severely limited, with not much room for customization and a simple yet less-useful mobile app. The prices go from $25 per month per user - for the more basic plan with an added analytics functionality - to $59 per month per user for enabling integrations.

On the other hand, Fieldproxy has a fixed fee with no hidden costs; The quality of the app speaks for itself. They have plenty more features and everything is crystal clear and transparent.

Moreover, Fieldproxy has real-time live support, including support over WhatsApp. It is an all-in-one tool to manage your field team's operations. Whether you manage a 5 member field team or a 500 member field team - the pricing is all the same. The tool adapts as you scale and grows your business.

You can always get a free trial with Fieldproxy as well as book a demo to understand more about the product. For your contract software management needs, Fieldproxy is definitely the way to go. Book a demo and improve your contract management teams with just a few clicks today.

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