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Skynamo is a great field sales management software, but there are better alternatives to Skynamo that you should definitely take a look at

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-09-14

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  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Skynamo
  3. Why Skynamo Is Great For Field Management
  4. Why Skynamo may not be a perfect fit for your business?
  5. Best Skynamo alternative - Fieldproxy Field management software
  6. What is Fieldproxy?
  7. Reasons why people move to Fieldproxy from Skynamo
  8. The Final Verdict

Any field sales manager worth their salt knows the importance of using an automated field sales management tool. There are just so many ways an FSM solution can change the way a business operates.

Any manager knows that - field service solutions like Fieldproxy change the game for organisations big and small. FSM software entirely transform the way a business operates - from increasing productivity to saving time to boosting revenue and customer satisfaction and much more. The difference between using an automated tool for your field management needs and using a traditional one is like night and day.

That being said, no FSM software can be a perfect solution for your business. For instance, Let's take one of the top players in the industry for field service management - Skynamo

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Although Skynamo provides a great platform for behavioural monitoring, sophisticated UI, and customised report generation, it lacks certain elements that make the price tag appear questionable. That aside, there are still a few tiny details that are missed here and there, that just drive Skynamo customers insane.

We’ll get into all of that in a bit, but we have to answer one question first - there has to be a better alternative to Skynamo right? Yes, there is, and in this article, we’re going to pick apart why Fieldproxy is the better alternative to Skynamo.

What is Skynamo?

As we mentioned earlier, Skynamo started up as a cloud-based field service management solution called Honeybee, established in the year 2012. The tool helps small and mid-size service businesses by managing their field staff, providing customer support and simplifying the billing process through either their personalized dashboard or a mobile app. Their goal is to help businesses bring “more confidence in the information they are getting from the field and better control and clarity of their sales process.”

They cater to almost every business that has a field team - from food and beverages to wineries and breweries to office suppliers. The charges are a bit on the heavier side, but you’re one-hundred per cent getting what you paid for, and the customer support is top-notch.

Why Skynamo Is Great For Field Management

Skynamo is well ahead of its competitors in terms of the features it provides. It focuses mainly on providing its customers with simple, easy-to-setup tools that require minimal customization. Some of them are clear winners, but there are a few cutbacks here and there, so let’s take a look at the most prominent advantages of a field service management tool like Skynamo:

  • Backorder Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Call Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Cataloguing/Categorization
  • Channel Management
  • Contact Database
  • Contact Management
  • Contract/License Management
  • CRM system
  • Customer Database
  • Data Import/Export
  • Document Storage
  • Electronic Signature

With features like these, you may assume that Skynamo is second to none. True, with these solutions, a business can easily eliminate paperwork, improve communications between office and field and schedule their jobs.

But is that all it takes to make your life at work easier?

Why Skynamo may not be a perfect fit for your business?

The features that you just saw may excite you to the point that you want to just subscribe to Skynamo to skyrocket your business. Before entering those precious card numbers, however, just ask if this is the product for you, for your business, for your employees - because that is what matters at the end of the day. Not how good the product is, but how good it will go along with your team.

Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got a checklist to help you decide whether or not to go for Skynamo or get a better field service management solution like Fieldproxy

  • Is the pricingaffordable for small & medium-sized businesses?
  • Can Skynamo trigger recurring payments?
  • Does it have a sophisticated online booking platform?
  • How user-friendly is their mobile app?
  • Does it have an open API?
  • Can mobile app support stable offline functionality?
  • Customisable reports and fonts at your will?
  • Does it provide An person onboarding and implementation support facility?
  • Is there a dedicated sales tracking feature?
  • Two-way automated SMS facility for customer enquiries and Scheduling changes?
  • Can you retrieve data once you delete it?

Hate to blow it to you, but the answer from Skynamo for all these questions will come out as a NO! These are mandatory features to be in a field service management software. The above questions clearly show you that you will have to integrate multiple other software with Skynamo to efficiently handle your business.

And not just Skynamo, we suggest you ask these questions before choosing any field service management software.

So what can you do? Which software solution makes sense to businesses, but isn’t very heavy on the wallet? Let's explore a powerful alternative that not only checks all the above questions unlike Skynamo but is also available at the most cost-effective means for your business.

Best Skynamo alternative - Fieldproxy Field management software

If you're looking for an intuitive solution for your business regardless of the size of your organization, Fieldproxy offers you the whole benefits with 80% less subscription cost than the counterpart.

What is Fieldproxy?

Fieldproxy is an all in one field service management software to handle your entire field operations. It is a full-featured software product that helps managers of retail, pharma, consumer goods, real estate and construction etc., to collect data in a structured format.


Managers can create workflows for their employees from the web dashboard and assign tasks for their agents within minutes.

It has a user-friendly mobile app from which the field agents can update the tasks once they complete and managers can get field updates in real-time.


Fieldproxy has workflows specially designed to ensure that the on-ground field agents are safe and secure. In this time of the pandemic, this special feature acts as a lifesaver by tracing the contact, hygiene compliance and accountability.

"Fieldproxy gives us more visibility of how our business is moving and make us much more efficient each day"

Source: Chantelle, Field service manager

Features of Fieldproxy :

This feature-rich cloud-based application brings all your field tasks under one roof with the most interactive web application and highly capable mobile app. The heavy-duty software provides ample features like:

Attendance management

Field agents can mark their attendance along with their photo and location remotely from anywhere, from the comfort of their mobile app.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Flexible scheduling allows managers to schedule the jobs for their agents weeks ahead to get them to the right place at the right time.

Mobile app

Fieldproxy mobile app is designed to perform the day to day operations effortlessly

Invoicing and Follow-ups

You can use the prebuilt templates to generate an invoice with just a tap. The generated invoice can be easily downloaded and shared with anyone.

Order Booking

The software has a portal, from which you can place orders conveniently without making frequent calls to the suppliers

Inventory Management

Inventory management acts as a platform to monitor and organize all your Inventory from a single pane

Attractive dashboard

Managers can filter the agent metrics according to their needs and can easily view the performance in a dashboard.

Report generation

Tedious reports are automatically generated and the system automatically sends you via Whatsapp or mail.


Locations are geotagged with GPS coordinates for accurate monitoring of on-field agents.

Route optimization

With this feature, managers can navigate their field service agents with efficiently planned routes to beat the traffic.

Integrated CRM

Maintain long term customer relationships with Fieldproxy's friendliest CRM to conduct meetings and to always stay connected with the customers.

Feedback collection

To increase customer retention, the mobile app allows the service agents to collect the service feedback from clients and automatically gets saved in the customer feedback portal.

Technician info sharing with the customer

You can further pamper your customers, as the software automatically sends the service details like time, technician location to the customers beforehand of the service.

Automated email & SMS

Service agents will be automatically reminded of their jobs on the previous day Itself. Besides that, this feature comes in very handy for managing inventory, as the tool automatically reminds you to make a purchase when the product falls below the threshold.

Expense Tracker

This feature helps you to save ample time. Once the agents update all their expenses from their mobile app, it automatically calculates all the expenses and sends you a report.

Hence, you can always be aware of the expenses without any effort.

Reasons why people move to Fieldproxy from Skynamo

The first concern for any business owner before opting for software will be whether the tool provides value for money? The above comparison brings to a solid conclusion that Skynamo is not value for money for its steep price.

  • Skynamo provides a free trial version. The trial version has numerous restrictions.
  • Fieldproxy also provides a free trial for with no limitations in obligatory features.
  • Very few people know that Skynamo charges for support. And ultimately you would need support to smoothly run your business.
  • Fieldproxy assures you 24 x 7 support free of cost.
  • A recent survey showed that for first time users, the complexity of the Skynamo mobile app left 40% of the field agents clueless about what the software is and what it does.
  • The simple design of the FP mobile app had an overwhelmingly positive response from the field service agents in terms of ease of use.
  • Routing is a feature that can never be compromised. Skynamo's Mapping system is quite complex to follow and most of the agents have complained that the app didn't allow them to reset the routes to more than twice a day.
  • Fieldproxy is highly flexible and the app is free of any kind of bugs.

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The Final Verdict

Finding the best Field service management can be tough. You would have noticed that the market is dominated by the so-called top players. Don't let The ratings influence your decision when looking for an FSM tool.

If you streamline your search by taking multiple factors that I mentioned above into consideration, a solution like Fieldproxy proves a greater value for money and will be a perfect fit for your business than the pricier software.

You are just a click away from trying out Fieldproxy Field management software. Book a demo now to start experiencing the best possible alternative for Skynamo.

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