The best tool for service technicians: Fieldproxy vs. ServiceTitan vs. Jobber

To conclude a valid answer to this we must know all about his software. It is a cloud-based field service software designed to help people run their business smoothly

Posted by By Nandinee Bairathi on November 11, 2020

Is ServiceTitan the best tool?

To conclude a valid answer to this we must know all about his software. It is a cloud-based field service software designed to help people run their business smoothly. This can be useful in scheduling and dispatching technicians, automating payments, managing, inventory, and improving marketing. This tool services a wide range of industries including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Garage Door. The ServiceTitan mobile app is designed for both iOS and Android devices

ServiceTitan top Features?

If adopted and used correctly, CRM for field sales such as Fieldproxy is going to boost the performance of your field sales team exponentially. It will help your field sales team to excel in 4 areas that are critical for them:

  • Schedule and Track Jobs - To manage any field service business well, it is important to schedule and track jobs. ServiceTitan offers this feature. Also with the help of colour-coordinate maps and comprehensive customer profiles, one can know the exact location of their technicians. This no doubt increases accuracy
  • ServiceTitan offers marketing ROI and conversion tracking capabilities, which links all service request calls to its eventual sale or missed opportunity. A mobile solution for field agents allows them to offer visual sales presentations in the field and process invoices and credit cards immediately.
  • Field reporting - The software has good reporting tools that create visual breakdowns of what is happening with individual technicians. The reports are customizable.

Why ServiceTitan may not be the correct tool

The platform prides itself on having a dedicated team of experts that will make sure any problem you encounter is solved quickly and effectively. But many reviews online reveal the truth. After starting with ServiceTitan it is difficult to even get a hold of someone for any issue. They are not always available, as business hours do prohibit any late-night problems. In short, their support team operates during business hours only, not 24/7. And when it comes to price, ServiceTitan is on the more expensive end.

Is Jobber right for your small business?

Jobber is an online field service management software designed to help expand the capabilities of small businesses. It is easy to use and reliable. This tool is for field service businesses such as landscapers, electricians, travelling locksmiths, HVAC repair and installers, plumbers, and similar companies. Its field service management software is customizable to fit your process. Jobber helps in scheduling jobs, optimizing routes, sending quotes and invoices via text messages, and getting paid on the spot.

Overview of Jobber Benefits

Client Relationship Management- Its CRM options allow businesses to monitor important customers wherever they are. It helps businesses become more organized and professional. Its CRM features include note linking, notes and attachments, client search, and full client history.

Efficient Invoicing- Business owners and managers are often busy, but this isn’t a great excuse to overlook billing your clients. Using Jobber’s customizable invoicing process, invoicing can become easier so you’ll get paid faster. Users can also benefit from features like payment tracking, batch invoicing, invoice templates, and past-due notifications.

Easy Expense Monitoring- Jobber allows easy expense tracking at any time. Even when one makes purchases on the field, he can take photos of receipts and upload them via the Jobber app, ensuring that all records are updated and with their corresponding attachments. There are some other good features too such as time & GPS tracking, easy job management, reliable scheduling, and dispatching.

Is Jobber the right match for your expectations?

Some of them who have used the software says that it is more of a job in itself rather than an effective tool. One major drawback of Jobber is that once you delete something, there is no way to get it back. Also, compared to other similar programs, The cost for options is quite high. An easy online booking of an actual appointment at a customer-selected time is essential. And that is why Jobber needs a more sophisticated live online booking platform. These days customers don't want to wait to hear back or call, online booking is the new generation.

Is Fieldproxy the best tool for service technicians?

It is a product that helps managers and teams of retail, consumer goods, construction, real estate companies, etc to collect data from the field in a structured format. Managers can create tasks through a web dashboard and assign tasks to agents on the field. It allows the servicing team to operate with the same efficiency as the bigger organizations. Fieldproxy also helps build customer trust, loyalty by improving the speed, consistency, and efficiency of field service operations. It offers excellent features that serve each purpose. The overall cost also is very less in comparison to the other two Field Service Management Softwares. In a nutshell, This is an all-in-one tool to manage your service technicians. From the time they step out of the office to the time they reach home. Even in the times of this pandemic. It has special options to ensure that the on-ground employees are safe & secure through specially designed COVID workflows. That helps in contact tracing, hygiene compliance & accountability.

Another unique point of difference is that this top field service software helps even small businesses to rise. They say whether you manage a 5 member field team or a 500 member field team - it is all the same for them. The tool adapts as you scale and grow your business. What more could be expected from a huge platform that treats the small business owners with equal importance and the technicians as their family.

Fieldproxy Features

Reduce downtime with efficient scheduling - Bad scheduling decisions impede business goals. One can create, edit, manage and assign out jobs with only a few clicks while also keeping customers notified throughout the entire process. So that the customers are also well aware.

Photo confirmation, customer feedback & more Service technicians can upload photos right from the job site to verify service and can also capture customer feedback through custom customer feedback forms. This helps in quick evaluation of the technician’s performance as well.

Service technicians are responsible for providing various services, depending on their area of expertise, and diagnosing problems, and making repairs. They often have to visit their client's business or home to install something or make repairs. So they do not have so much time to waste understanding an app. Keeping this in mind it is very simple to use an app for field agents. Their AI-powered app suggests the right task for the right technicians at the right time.

Custom tasks for each visit
This platform also provides many features for building custom inspection checklists, jobs, and to-do lists that help you capture the exact information you need and help you maintain high standards, and impress your clients.


While you may have much software similar to service titan/jobber in the market, Fieldproxy is exactly the kind of field service software you need as a small to the large-sized business owner. With a bevvy of helpful features, this heavy-duty platform can handle everything from basic field service processes to complicated invoice, billing - and scales with your needs

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Fieldproxy manages all your field operations, including location tracking, client data management, worker productivity, time and expense tracking, and much more. Fieldproxy is designed to be easy to use.

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