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Warehouse Management Software have become an integral part of any business that needs a warehouse today. Not going for one can lead to several problems with your warehouses. Fieldproxy highlights some of the biggest ones.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-08-22

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  1. What Causes Warehouse Management Problems
    -- Incorrect Layout
    -- Improper Demand Forecasting
    -- Incorrect Order Management
    -- Excessive Spending
    -- No Damage Control
    -- Low Employee Participation
    -- Budget Concerns
  2. How Fieldproxy Can Help Your Warehouse Management Needs

What Causes Warehouse Management Problems

Despite the widespread adoption of warehouse management solutions (WMS), many companies are experiencing one or more issues with their current WMS. Errors and inefficiencies can arise due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Incorrect Layout
  • Improper Demand Forecasting
  • Incorrect Order Management
  • Excessive Spending
  • No Damage Control
  • Low Employee Participation

Incorrect Layout

If the layout is incorrect or not conducive to proper picking, employees may become frustrated as they struggle to find items during busy times or end up taking longer than necessary to complete orders. This can lead to errors and customer satisfaction issues, along with increased labour costs per order.

If there are problems with incorrect warehouse design or layout they can lead to inefficiency when trying to locate items in the stock room. Aisles and shelving should be organized so that products aren't stacked haphazardly and the warehouse doesn't become disorganized with boxes all over the place.

It only takes one wrong turn around an aisle of shelves before employees lose their sense of direction and might take another hour just to find what they were looking for in the first place. This is exactly what warehouse management software like Fieldproxy are looking to solve - find and keep track of anything in your inventory with just a few clicks of a button. Schedule a demo with Fieldproxy to maximise your warehouse efficiency.

Improper Demand Forecasting

The demand forecast should be based on actual order information rather than estimates that could end up resulting in unnecessary storage and obsolescence. In some cases, supply chain technology has been implemented without analyzing the data first.

Forecasts should be an estimate based upon probable sales figures but with previous experience taken into account too. A company might have certain demands throughout the year, for example, a Christmas demand, but the warehouse manager might not prepare plans to remove older products and move in the seasonal stock.

This is one of the main causes of inventory problems because it takes more time to get rid of old stock than it would bring in additional supply. If warehouses don't take into account any factors that could potentially affect stocks within their control then they are going to have problems with storage capacity.

Incorrect Order Management

There may be a lack of standardized picking orders, which can lead to mistakes or delays in packing and shipment, as well as poor inventory control.

Often, inventory is out of control because of incorrect order management. For example, if one supplier gives the warehouse an overstock special and other suppliers give reduced prices on new goods, then usually a temporary problem arises from these conflicting numbers.

In addition to correct ordering processes, it is vital that employees are aware of current promotions so they can manage them effectively. If the warehouse staff do not get the right information regarding promotion dates and details, they will order products they cannot sell very quickly. This is another cause of stock problems in a warehouse.

Luckily, you have warehouse management tools like Fieldproxy to do all the dirty work for you, so you can just sit back and manage everything straight from your phone. Click here to know how.

Excessive Spending

Some companies are not fully utilizing their existing WMS software to its maximum potential. This could result in paying for features that are underutilized or maintenance fees that exceed the value received from the system.

Demands for warehouse spaces vary each year, especially if the company is growing rapidly. If a business is expanding and needs more storage space than it has then new facilities may be necessary but will need to have been carefully planned beforehand. Having a proper warehouse management solution will greatly help in this aspect as well.

No Damage Control

Damaged goods often end up being sold anyway because it is too time-consuming and costly to repair products throughout an extended supply chain. Additional labour costs will then be incurred during the inspection process if items are rejected due to damage.

Low Employee Participation

If employees do not have proper training or are not interested in utilizing the WMS technology, it can lead to errors and a lower level of efficiency.

Budget Concerns

Some companies may have budget constraints that prevent them from implementing new warehouse management solutions.

How Fieldproxy Can Help Your Warehouse Management Needs

With Fieldproxy as your warehouse management software, your field sales team can focus their time and efforts on reaching your customers at the right time with the right promotions to help you drive more sales. This helps your force to build personalized experiences and stand out from the competition, rather than spending dozens of hours categorizing items in the right place.

Similarly, with a proper warehouse management software in place, you get more done with minimum effort, save a lot of time in the process, and retain a greater number of clients. You also minimize the chances of losing control over inventory and stock, and this saves you the hassle of having to deal with multiple checks and verifications.

With FIeldproxy you’re also getting the option of checking and keeping tabs on multiple warehouses at the same time, and ordering or renewing shortage in stocks with just a few clicks. You don’t find that in most software management solutions today.

A warehouse management software that solves all the above-mentioned problems is Fieldproxy - a one-stop solution to all your field service and warehouse management needs. With Fieldproxy, you can easily

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track systems with greater efficiency
  • Create tasks for different warehouses and manage them seamlessly.

And that's not all. With Fieldproxy, you can do so much more. Book a demo and improve your warehouse management teams with just a few clicks today.

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