Top 4 Blunders made by Field Teams And How To Avoid Them

Make sure you don't fall into the same traps that many field teams do. Learn from these 4 common mistakes.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-20

Running a field sales team can be difficult, but it is important for this type of sales team to have autonomy and trust that they will be able to carry out their roles effectively. Many field sales teams work remotely, so it's necessary to make sure you meet with each person on your team at least twice a month in order to assess not only how they are doing but also any potential issues or personal challenges that are affecting their performance or stance during the current period of time.

There are many common mistakes that can happen with an outside sales team that can negatively affect their success rates. It's often hard to notice small variations in numbers when working remotely which is why it’s important to constantly check in with your entire field sales team, even if you're only seeing them twice a month.

These are some of the most common blunders made by field teams if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Field Team Mistakes

Top 4 Blunders made by Field Teams - Avoid Them

Unstructured And Inorganized Teams

Having a set structure for the day can be incredibly beneficial for a field sales team. Essentially, your field reps are customizing their routes and visiting accounts in order of priority, meaning they can focus on acquiring high-value leads and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Additionally, by making sure they leave enough time during their day between visits and back and forth travel time to reach prospects working on minimizing travel time between clients and maximizing the amount of face-to-face interaction that can happen within this period.

Uneven Distribution Of Tasks

This can happen when you don’t have a proper automation tool for your field teams in place. Large teams of field sales reps are generally divided into territories. Many times, these are based on cities or neighbourhoods. The point of these territories is to ensure that field sales reps have an equal and manageable workload. Avoiding imbalance with this distribution is important because field agents might either be overburdened with responsibilities or have a lot of free time on their hands.

Not Using The Proper Technology

Building on the previous point, you need to have the right tools to carry out your responsibilities efficiently. Some mistakes that sales managers make: failing to provide their teams with the right tools.

Today, for instance, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are essential when it comes to accurately mapping out your route and planning your day - which can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time because the time spent at the office will be spent using your laptop or desktop to crunch numbers.

This investment can bring great returns when paired with having time in hindsight to close deals with prospects you've met throughout your day!

Little To No Access To User Data

Field sales teams are oftentimes at a disadvantage when it comes to their reps' access to the information they need in real-time. The issue is that people are on the go, sales reps don't always have access to their CRM or any sort of computer which means they can't always make updates on the fly.

Having access to some sort of powerful mapping software would really help field sales team members prioritize what's important, have an idea of where to go next, and then be able to quickly recall key client info while interacting with new potential clients.

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