5 Things A Good Employee Monitoring Software Should Have

A good employee tracking program allows an employer to keep track of employees' work hours, locations, and activities. It's a great way to keep track of the time they spend on their tasks. Read more here.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-26

Due to fears of spreading the pandemic or being quarantined themselves, businesses across industries saw a 44% increase in remote work post-pandemic.

Employers have seen more of their employees working remotely, especially field sales, which is why it’s crucial that people are able to maintain productivity regardless of their location for compliance reasons with company policy since the workplace is no longer limited to brick and mortar structures.

Deploying employee monitoring software for field sales is key to helping employers across various industries in these remote work settings measure team performance, ensure company compliance in terms of not missing any work time regardless of where they are geographically located when on the clock, and keeping track of measurable productivity reports.

In case you already have an employee monitoring software, here’s why you should switch to a better one (like Fieldproxy), or upgrade to a better plan. Here are 10 things a good employee monitoring software should have.

5 Things A Good Employee Monitoring Software Should Have

They Should Have Insane Location Accuracy

Needless to say, field agents need to be using proper location tracking systems, and managers need to be having proper real-time information updates on these field agents. So a good employee monitoring software needs to have a good location tracking system that can help managers stay up to date with their employees.

Better Task Allocation And Categorization

Some applications are used by a few employees while some other applications are only required by a few members of your staff. For instance, a web developer's job is not to use Facebook and Twitter-like social media managers, who spend most of their time using these types of platforms in order to communicate with customers.

However, when it comes time for management decision-making or when you want to monitor employee efficiency in different positions; then you might need to categorize specific data about each employee in terms of tasks they perform in which applications.

The best way to do this is through the use of user group policies by asking employees to request permission for access in advance before granting or ignoring their requests based on your decisions on what different roles in the company require.

Real-Time Data Capture

Building upon our previous point, it’s important that you capture real-time data so that data manipulation can be avoided altogether. With employee monitoring software you'll be able to see all dimensions of progress.

For example, if your company is working on a project to launch a product into the market, you can track the number of hours spent developing the product by each team member over time. This enables managers to make sure that their employees are putting enough time towards completing their projects successfully or not wasting resources on things that won't propel them forward because there are only limited resources - it's up to your decision-makers to make sure everyone knows how much they should be using!

Measurable Expense Reporting

Using an automated time tracker in your business is useful when calculating not only the exact cost to run your company, but also skill gaps and ways to make improvements in everyday working practices.

When you are aware of how much work an individual does, it becomes easier to get them up-to-speed on areas they might need more training for so that productivity increases throughout the business. Using good employee monitoring software means getting rid of constant mouse clicks or having to physically log into systems at specific intervals to let businesses know exactly who did what work when.

Check-In/Check-Out Tracking

Login and logout times are excellent indicators of employee efficiency and consistency. These times are entered directly onto the business dashboard, giving you an overview of exactly what each employee has been up to day by day, even down to the very minute they logged in or out!

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