Top 5 Warehousing Mistakes That Businesses Can Make And How To Avoid Them

Warehousing can be a risky business. Here's a list of the top 5 mistakes that businesses can make when they are setting up a warehouse. If you avoid these, you can have a highly profitable warehousing operation. Read more here.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-18

Warehouses are turning to the digital age with many now coming online, allowing businesses to monitor inventory levels, delivery times, and customer satisfaction through customer feedback. However, digitization is just one factor that plays into the overall success of your warehousing business - you have to understand how all aspects work together in order for your business to operate smoothly.

While there are many things that can affect it, here are 5 warehousing mistakes that businesses make today. Understanding them will help you avoid pitfalls so you can run a better business.

Top 5 Warehousing Mistakes That Businesses Can Make And How To Avoid Them

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Inaccurate Inventory Tracking

What is the most important responsibility in a warehouse management system? Well, it's inventory accuracy. Without a proper inventory management system, your supply chain will suffer and you will have trouble managing all of the different products that come into your business.

Inventory tracking and overall inventory accuracy for all locations within your company will put a lot of undue pressure on you as an owner to make sure everything is up to date because warehousing an entire business without ensuring quality control takes a lot of know-how and extra time!

Weak Route Optimization

Another mistake some companies make is believing that the solution to managing products in their warehouses is purely automated systems like RFID or WMS. The most variable factor in your warehouse, however, is labour costs.

You need to make sure employees are organised in efficient ways to work quickly and minimise product loss through stock-outs for example. A good way to improve efficiency in terms of cost savings is by studying closely where your most high-demand items are located in relation to the speed at which they're most likely to be picked.

If you can group similar products together whenever they're most likely to be picked together this will increase operating efficiency thus cutting down on lost inventory thus increasing profits!

Not Measuring Proper Metrics

By paying close attention, organizations can sustain success by being less inclined to be caught up in logistical details. One process that is often overlooked is the receiving of inventory.

By using a warehouse management system, one can maintain consistency throughout all aspects of their organization including the control of inventory flow from start to finish. This includes the gathering and receiving departments that ensure that materials arrive at their destination with speed and accuracy.

Using Manual Data Recording

It's high time you stop using paper for your work tasks. There are so many options in the digital realm for documenting your workflow if you are paying attention to what is trending right now. You can take advantage of technological advances by installing effective inventory management software. It will help to keep track of all your inventory, not to mention improve visibility making it easier to know exactly where your items are at any given point in time.

Not Keeping Track Of Processes

It can seem overwhelming to dispatch customer orders on time, but this pressure should not cause you to neglect the goods-in-process aspect of your supply chain. To avoid neglecting this process, assign dedicated staff to ensure that it is effectively maintained.

You can do this using automated inventory management software. Make sure you have enough qualified people handling customer service so as not to neglect the goods-in-process part of your supply chain.

Closing Thoughts

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