Top 6 FreshWorks Add-Ons For Improving Sales Team Performance

If your team is using FreshWorks CRM, you are probably looking for ways to optimise, streamline, and improve your sales team's performance. Here are the top 6 FreshWorks add-ons for improving sales team performance. Read more here.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-20

The sales team is the heart of any business. The more efficient your sales team is, the more money your business will make. But a sales team can't exceed its reach if it doesn't have the right tools for the job. Sales teams need the right CRM software, CRM add ons, sales productivity tools, sales analytics, sales pipeline management solutions and sales resource management tools.

And what better place to look for CRM add-ons than the Freshdesk Marketplace. In this blog, we'll look at the top 6 add-ons for Freshdesk for your sales teams that will take their games up a notch.

Freshworks Integrations

Top 6 FreshWorks Add-Ons For Improving Sales Team Performance

Signature Management App

Ever get sick of creating new email signatures? With this solution, you have just one address that is used by multiple people in your company. The good news is that you can configure the template-based settings for each person to create varied yet custom responses with just a couple of clicks!

It's popular because it allows email senders to save valuable time while providing users with different forms to use in combination with their regular signature. You'll be able to show anyone in your company which signatures are being used for which purpose, so they can personalize them according to their own preferences

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Attachment Manager

This app provides the means to attach relevant documents in Freshdesk, limit agent access to these attachments, enable easy downloading of all attachments in one click, display tags for tickets in the agent interface in the knowledge base page when creating tickets/emails with attachments, and even add existing attachments directly in tickets.

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Installing the Harvest app for your Freshdesk will let you handle all your timekeeping troubles from the comfort of your help desk. This helps bring together Freshdesk with Harvest allowing you to sync time-sheets from Freshdesk to Harvest.

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Asana is a personal favourite. Having to juggle multiple applications for business can be pretty overwhelming, but not if you have Freshdesk automatically creating Asana tasks. Create collaboration between your team's work apps with just a few clicks - because otherwise, they're just going to have to have another place on the Internet that they'll need you to check over and over again. You can instead put all-important client information into one central space using this integration.

Stay on top of anything happening right away by accessing Asana tasks directly from Freshdesk via the dedicated applet. No matter which team member posts an update there, it will always be reflected in Asana as well. The widget also includes the option of marking projects as completed right within Freshdesk, so that's something else that's off your plate!

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Using Integromat, you can create some pretty powerful scenarios to make sure your latest data is moved and copied correctly. Integromat allows you to structure your code into a standardized format that's project-agnostic. In short, you won't need programming skills required, they just give you a broad base of conditions from which to work. This will help ensure that when specific situations occur they will be carried out in the right way automatically without having to access any other apps regularly for updates!

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Dispatch and manage customer support cases better by taking advantage of the power-up features of the Trello app for Freshdesk! With these two integrations, dispatch agents can create tickets directly from Trello cards and update the status of a ticket simply by updating a Trello card. Not only will your team be able to work more productively, but you'll get greater insight into each queue and overall resolve issues faster.

Give your team the freedom to achieve their greatest potential by allowing each one to work at their own pace and time schedule. To do so, you’ll need the right project management strategies in place. Some of the more effective solutions come from addressing teamwork, communication, reporting, collaboration, reporting, consistency and support. Choose Trello as your favourite tool for managing all of these!

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