What Is Employee Tracking? Here’s All You Need To Know

If you're an employer, you may have wondered what are the best employee time tracking systems? Read this article to learn more about employee time tracking software and how it can help your business.

Posted by By Hamsadhwani on 2021-12-21

Before getting into the topic, just take a minute to think about how you would analyze the results of your business - you hire analysts, right? Businesses hire business analysts and task them with the responsibility of looking after the results of the business. Now, these analysts keep a keen eye on the business and look after it.

Apply the same thing to your employees. How will you track the performance of your employees? Is there even a way to do that? Simple, get an automated employee tracking solution. Don’t know what that means? Let’s take a look.

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What Is Employee Tracking?

Employee tracking is the complicated, yet important process of collecting relevant information related to an employee's performance at the workplace with the help of technology-oriented software. The employee location tracking system is a process or a system that monitors every move of an employee.

Why Is Employee Tracking Important For Your Business?

Believe it or not, employee tracking is more important than most people like to admit. Businesses need to track their employees for a number of reasons. Let’s check them out a bit before we get into which software you need to use for employee tracking.

Check Their Attendance

You can check whether your employee has come to the office or has logged in to work for that particular day. By this the problem of absence is rectified and at the same time this multiplies the productivity of your business.

Track Their Location

You can track the location of your employee with the help of a GPS tracking system. You can check where they are located and how long they are at any place. This will reduce the chances of absence if your employee works from home.

Remote Work Culture

If you are a person who works remotely and your employees are also from different locations, then employee tracking would give you better results in your business. Establishing a proper workflow without direct supervision can be tricky, but it is not an impossible thing.

When employers can track down the performance and attendance of remote employees easily using apps, then the authentication and accountability of remote employees can be easily set. It is a win-win situation for the management when employees can work remotely as they are working in the office.


When you have all the details and reports of your employee in a single window, it will be even easier for you to give feedback on them. When managers have real-time analytic reports related to the employee's attendance, leaves, a project completed and so on, then they can provide the correct feedback to employees. This will not only improve the productivity of the business but also improve the quality of work of employees.

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Enhanced Productivity

There's no doubt that when employees know that their every move is monitored by the supervisors, then they waste less time and keep their focus on the work. They won't get distracted by personal tasks. In the absence of an employee tracking system, the managers won't have any idea about the whereabouts of all the employees as one person can keep an eye on hundreds of employees altogether.

Types Of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring varies greatly depending on the software and the industry you’re in. Different work monitoring tools offer a range of capabilities and data.

Internet And App Usage

Being able to see the URLs your team visits while on the clock can be helpful for onboarding new team members or addressing potential productivity concerns.For example, if an employee is spending a lot of time browsing shopping sites and has failed to respond to a colleague in a timely fashion, they’re likely not doing work.

Time Tracking And File Tracking:

Employees can record exactly how long they worked each day. And, depending on the tool, how long they worked on a specific project or task. This is one of the most important types of employee monitoring, since it helps employers know when your employees check-in for the day.

Phone And Voicemail:

Recording staff interactions with clients, users, prospects, or suppliers is helpful for a variety of reasons.Customer support and sales teams are two of the most common departments relying on this practice. Still, it is not a very effective work monitoring tool.

To Recap

Employee tracking is a process by which the activities of employees at work are monitored. It records every action of the employee and tells how good an employee performs at work. Many employers track their employees and get benefited by doing so.

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