How Sales Jobs Are Changing In 2022

The future of sales in 2022 - is sales in 2022 going to be automated, automated sales with AI, human sales, or a combination of the two? This article takes a look into the field of sales in 2022 and what the future holds.

Posted by By Shoaib Ahmed on 2021-10-19

For centuries, salespeople have played an important role in businesses all over the world. From John D. Rockefeller to Elon Musk, salespeople are innovators who are able to close deals under any circumstances. And one would be remiss to assume that this ever-important role will cease to exist anytime soon.

Thanks to the internet and artificial intelligence, salespeople have more tools at their disposal than ever before. You have to accept that sales jobs are changing. So what does the future look like for sales and field sales?

Four Predictions For The Future Of Sales And Field Sales

More Channels To Distribute

Technology and its respective applications and developments in different industries and in society, in general, is evolving at a rapid rate. Being okay with not always knowing the answers is fine. Learn to ask questions, and remember, cold calling is over. Follow up and social media connections are also changing. You've got to be resourceful!

Embrace this quote by Graham Hawkins: "People buy from people they like. People retain from people they trust!"

Automation Is The Way

AI, machine learning and automation as applied to sales can help your business hit the ground running. For example, let's say you're making a call to a buyer and need the motivation to keep going. It will soon be possible for us to create a motivational video that shows we've built an AI-based drag and drop personalization engine that automatically creates custom drag and drop emails based on the conversation.

This same engine can be used to create download links for case studies or proposals. If you'd like, the system could even create digital media populated with images or videos of customer projects or client testimonials - something we can't do effectively now without heavy manual lifting!

More Sales Training On Technology

Most people are pros at multitasking. But for some, it can have a tendency to overwhelm them so they break down tasks into more manageable pieces.

For example, if you had 5 e-mails to respond to, you might decide that one was more urgent than the others and answered that first before moving on to the others. Then you might set aside time later on during your workday to return all of your messages - but first, you want to check your calendar because your next meeting is coming up and you forgot about its date! Perhaps by then, another urgent e-mail's arrived though and it has to be responded to right now.

This is why we recommend scheduling times throughout your day (before or after meetings etc.) to catch up on any tasks that aren't time-sensitive like handling all of those pesky marketing emails!

More Niche Areas Of Sales Will Be Needed

Eliminate the expectation that a single individual can be an expert at everything because it's dangerous to business success. Salespeople would be well served by specializing in a limited number of roles and having domain experts who are able to identify when customers' problems align with their areas of expertise step in when they sense customers might benefit from extended support. And that is what you can expect from businesses in the coming future - specialized salespeople.

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