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Field manager, You are not alone!

Posted by By Subbramanium on May 25 , 2021

Introducing : Fieldproxy with instant Whatsapp notifications

Every industry faces its own set of challenges and Field service is not an exception. Particularly in an industry like Field service management, in order to stay ahead of your competition, you have to avail the latest gifts that technology has to offer.

"With Fieldproxy, we were able to successfully increase our field visibility by upto 80%"

Do you know? The time spent by the field managers just to know their agent activities via calls, when accumulated, is more than 20 hrs for a week on average. That's literally wasted time.

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Attendance management Use case

Field service agents have to mark their attendance regularly before starting their field work and report their check out time at their premise. There was no other way to overcome this pain. Field attendance management comes to their rescue. Let's check out how the whole organisation benefits from a single tool.

To tackle this problem, fieldproxy offers a platform that helps you to stay updated on all the agent activities with no interference.

What is this whatsapp notification feature all about?

Field managers have numerous inevitable issues and the crown jewel of them is field visibility. They spend a huge chunk of their daily time in having endless calls and multiple whatsapp groups to keep track of their daily activities.

Whatsapp notification is an automated feature, which collects all the metrics from your agents like

  • Check in Check out
  • Sales expenses
  • Store visits
  • Services completed
  • Distance travelled
  • Service time taken

So, is that it? The answer is ……..NO!

To keep your efforts to minimal, It automatically generates a report and sends you as a downloadable PDF format, which can be shared

Client : Leading UPS manufacturing company with revenue of more than $100 Million
Industry : Electrical Hardware and spares
Size : Has user base of above 25000
Challenges : Very low Field visibility. Time wastage in report generation and follow up. Reduced productivity.

Their managers were facing many challenges to stay connected and guide their field service team. In order to receive the Resources, they have to make never ending phone calls with their service agents.

After updating to Fieldproxy, agents were empowered to update all their activities from the comfort of their mobile device. Managers were able to get real time updates of activities of the agents.

Whatsapp notification feature collects all the details of the agents like the time they check in, the amount of UPS services they performed, and the time taken for service, cost of the service and generates a complete report.

How does it benefit them?

You would have been very much aware of the time it takes to collect agent metrics and generate reports.

Similarly, their managers were able to receive consolidated reports on an everyday basis with zero manual intervention at a pre-set time . The other benefits enjoyed by them are

  • Improved service metrics
  • Time wastage is cut down to minimal
  • Accurate report generation
  • 35% increase in overall service quality

Wrapping up

Companies were able to improve their service metrics manifold by this simple yet powerful feature that cuts down the time and creates a positive snowball effect. Give this feature a try by setting up a free demo before you realize it's late.

This is just one of the many features fieldproxy has to offer. visit to our site to explore more!

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