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Complete Checklist For Proper Field Team Management

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Shoaib Ahmed
Srinidhi Narayana

When working offsite, it's easy for employees to feel distant. However, it can be advantageous to work remotely in certain instances, such as when employees travel or work from home. This allows one to complete projects without the distractions normally induced by frequenting an office environment - it's a win-win.

One of the most effective ways to manage your field teams would be through multiplicity. Multi-faceted means that someone needs to have more than one aspect or skill and thus be able to address different needs. Between hiring, communication, sales performance strategy, motivation, and culture, field management requires various expertise.

So here's a checklist to ensure the best practices are followed:

Cultivate A Team Spiritโ€‹

A bad work environment is often a result of feeling as though one's voice has no impact. Positive work culture is beneficial for anyone who is part of that work environment because, in the end, working positively and positively only leads to more innovation, enthusiasm, and positivity. And we all want those things during our day at work!

Working remotely is important for keeping costs down and nailing your deadlines, but what about that personal experience? Virtual meetings are essential to ensure a strong camaraderie among team members who rarely see each other in person. Holding virtual meetings with Zoom can help you communicate much more efficiently, reduce stress from traveling, and ease any feelings of isolation or disconnection that could be a problem for you and your remote team.


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Enable Real-time Visibilityโ€‹

Micromanaging is a bad practice when it comes to management, but it's practically futile in regards to front line jobs. It means that managers spend their day putting out fires, and sales reps are paralyzed from making any decisions because they never know who or what to depend on next - and that leaves their customers with little confidence in them.

A way to avoid micromanaging your sales team is by installing pulse software that shows real-time data. This lets you visualize the current state of your business and stay on top of things while at the same time enabling communication with your employees without bothering them by making unnecessary calls and emails. All you have to do is check their pulse!

Focus On Deliverablesโ€‹

It's easy to lose focus when visiting with clients. Some things can unnecessarily prolong meetings and cost companies more money; it's essential to keep it all at arm's length and do what it takes to make sure you're spending your money wisely.

Field Team Productivity

It's so important to give your employees the autonomy to work at their own pace. The best way you can help build such a culture here is by clearly laying out what is expected as well as having regular check-ins with your employees on specific KPIs, to see how things are going โ€“ though you won't need to hover over them too much because you've given them the freedom (and trust) they require to succeed in their work! Here are a few KPIs to look for:

  • Client acquisition rates
  • Average deal size
  • Event rates
  • Follow up rates
  • Engagement with current customers


When you hurry to get somewhere on time, parking problems become an even bigger nuisance than they already are. Mobile apps allow sales reps to reserve spots ahead of time, so they never have to worry about being late because of parking. Sales reps can then use this valuable time to make calls or contact new clients instead of wasting their time finding open parking spots.


When you're on the road, you can't just pop into your coworker's cubicle or an office to settle any questions they might have. Communication needs to be more intentional, but new technology helps your teams keep in touch. It makes it easier for those on the road to share valuable information and documents with those back at the office.

Checklist for Field Team Productivity

Pick The Right Team Membersโ€‹

The right field team starts with the right team members. Not everyone fits into the remote-team model: some personalities need the leadership and companionship of coworkers. This can help combat boredom, which is deadly in remote work because it's easier to forget what work you're doing when your physical surroundings aren't disinteresting.

Hope this article helps you build, lead and manage a successful team!

Closing Thoughtsโ€‹

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