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3 Ways To Automate Your Employee Field Service

· 5 min read
Srinidhi Narayana

Field service management is an essential part of small businesses, and this is one part that is often ignored or not given the attention it deserves. Since the field service is rarely the central part of the business, it is often hard to get the necessary support, resulting in employees not doing their job well or inefficient work.

This can lead to a bad customer experience, which is never good for any business. Automating the field service can ensure productivity, organized processes, and a good customer experience.

There are many ways to automate your employee field services, but it's important to understand each. Field services automation is carried out to increase productivity while ensuring goals are met. Let's dive into understanding three important ways to automate the Field Services.

automate field service

3 Ways To Automate Your Employee Field Service

Predictive Maintenance

Often, companies tend to focus on problems, analyze them and provide a solution. Though it is a typical way to look at issues and ensure resolution, it is important to address the root problem and take preventive measures to avoid them in the first place.

Predictive maintenance is a smart way to ensure issues do not arise in the first place. When services are provided, it's essential to have an ongoing prediction and plan for ensuring a good service experience.

Using predictive maintenance means having a data warehouse and using scores of data points gathered through industrial devices such as sensors, cameras, scales, and pressure gauges. This helps reduce the average number of incidents per day and overall maintenance costs. It also allows you to avoid unplanned equipment failure and extends equipment lifespan.

This is a really valuable tool as your company grows, but it comes with a high up-front cost if you are in the early stages of the business. One great tactic for this option is to partner with someone who has experience setting up these platforms and simply seek guidance from such an individual because it can prove to be extremely valuable down the line, but also requires some training first to learn how to use it!

Smart Job Scheduling

Customers do not have time for an average response time and will quickly leave you for a competitor if you can't get their issue resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Consider adding qualified resources and schedule automation to your team to handle those issues more efficiently.

Getting a hold of agents with experience at various levels and their availability is a rather daunting task. The use of something Job Scheduling Automation has three critical benefits:

  • They help you create and organize schedules with visual charts, calendars, etc, in a customized format to work shifts or jobs.
  • They assign tickets and jobs to the right technicians based on skill sets, availability, or any other criteria you set.
  • Optimize routes to reduce travel distance and costs for quick resolutions.

Using automated schedulers, you can automatically re-optimize the schedules in real-time to reflect the changes in projects or fieldwork. For example, you might alter a schedule if a specific agent has an emergency to attend to. Re-optimizing can ensure that the issue is taken care of despite certain obstacles.

On the whole, you have to assess the availability and readiness of agents, as well as their willingness and ability to provide the service requested. It's difficult to perform these tasks manually, but things are a lot simpler with scheduling involved.

Automate Payroll

The process of automating tasks goes a long way towards helping businesses with payroll, sales, and customer service. From an accounting standpoint, paying employees and offsetting the cost of valuable time against projects can be a tall order to juggle.

Automating payrolls helps in identifying overtime and holidays as well. Geotagging makes it easier for employees to work on fields without worrying about getting paid on time or getting their attendance monitored.

Automating the payroll includes setting up different hourly pay structures weekly or monthly, automating payment dates not to miss crediting salary to employees’ accounts, generating invoices, and keeping track of it all in one place.

It is cost-effective to automate the payrolls and ensure data is used to calculate proper salaries for the employees.

Closing Thoughts

Automation solutions are great tools to maximize the efficiency of your business and reduce human error. But if you don’t use them the right way, they will turn out to be a complete waste of time and money. Choose the right one and help the employees understand the importance of it. If possible, provide training on efficient usage of automation, which can impact the way processes are organized and carried out.

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