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5 Best Service Apps For 2022

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Srinidhi Narayana

Field service is one of the most important aspects of any business. Companies that offer field service get to enter numerous businesses and offices. In fact, they get to enter many businesses, including both small and large companies. For that reason, companies need to make sure that they are covered in the field service aspects. For example, they need to know what they need to do to be considered the best.

Here are five best ones that help with ensuring that the best service is provided.

best apps for 2022

The 5 Best Service Apps For 2022


With Fieldproxy, automation, and sales management have become easy. It removes the everyday struggles of reporting and maintaining streamlined processes to increase productivity efficiently. From scheduling tasks, assigning various resources, planning, and management, Fieldproxy is a go-to solution. Certain essential features include:

  • Automations that helps easy task creation and management
  • Report generation with detailed analytics unique to each business
  • Timeline Reporting that helps gain insights on what happened and when
  • Live employee tracking that updates field agents who are on the go.
  • Simple user interface that is easy to understand and navigate
  • Invoice generation and Attendance tracking.
  • A 360 degree view of everything happening on the field makes Fieldproxy an efficient Android app for Field service. It is safe to say that it acts as a checklist for ensuring a better customer experience

Field Service Lightning by SalesForceโ€‹

If you have field technicians driving around spending hours in the car and not getting any work done, you need to look into a better way of managing those field technicians. Salesforce has a tool that is built for that purpose. It is called Field Service Lightning by Salesforce, and it has made field service a lot more efficient. Though Salesforce is known for its CRM, it also helps manage work across many sectors. Some of the prominent features include:

  • Virtual support that reduces in-person visits, time, and money
  • Automations that allow for prioritizing tasks and projects to allocate to agents for efficient service
  • Einstein AI helps agents use image recognition to identify problems to prescribe the right equipment to resolve issues faster.
  • Analytics that help in making data-driven decisions faster.

In the world of field service, you need to be able to service customers when they need you to โ€” fast. And as more companies go mobile, you also need to be able to support them outside of the office and on the field. Field Service Lightning app has the flexibility to support both simple and complex field service operations. Hence it is a trusted choice by numerous companies.


With more and more businesses moving towards a mobile workforce, it's more important than ever to have a way to keep your team connected and on the same page. With an app like Onthego, you can rest assured that you will always have a channel to communicate with your team and track their progress across the day. This app will not only help you keep track of your workforce, but you'll also be able to improve your business by filling in the reports of your customers and proving the value of your service. Some of the salient features include:

  • Notifications to customers on their request status
  • Service forms that save time with getting necessary details from customers
  • Tracking jobs and service requests carried out by the Field service agents.
  • Track spares available in the inventory.
  • Invoicing and quotations in real-time
  • Customer feedback

Onthego is another excellent solution to optimize field services and provide support to businesses to track and improve their workforce.


Customer needs have dramatically changed, and it is important that companies predict, prescribe, and be more efficient in providing services. ServiceMax is one of the Field Service Management software joined with SalesForce to provide 360 degrees of assets and deliver visibility for more significant analysis and performance. Apart from delivering CR, the top-notch features that help with field service management are:

  • Assets 360 makes sure the field agents have all the types of equipment are intact and provide a view of inventory management.
  • Preventive and proactive maintenance is essential for de-risking and ensuring maximum utilization.
  • ServiceMax Engage lets customers with self-service and have a transparent view of the processes carried out for their requests.
  • Zinc Intelligent remote services lets agents connect to the experts in the field and provide accurate solutions to customers and resolve quickly.
  • Scheduling and optimization
  • Field service analytics

With the features mentioned above of ServiceMax, it is often the topmost app to be considered for a greater customer experience. But yeah, there is also Fieldproxy, which is the best ServiceMax alternative


Jobber is an all-in-one File service app that lets businesses track and manage their field services. There are essentially many features in this app that have changed the way businesses work in the field. Gone are the days when the field agent had to wait for confirmation from the owner to start work, make payment, or invoice. Jobber has it in the same place where Field agents can perform several operations and complete tasks. Some of the features include:

  • Check and approve quotes.
  • Make payments
  • Job updates
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Batch Invoicing

Jobber on iPhone is good for efficient data tracking, on-the-go invoicing, and payments. All this happens without the employees having to lift a finger and also the customer without having any trouble with the services taken.

Field service is a part of every business. The importance of field service management cannot be underestimated. Many businesses are still working on improving the field service. The reason is that businesses are not able to deliver the best services to their customers. Hence, choosing an app that helps achieve customer service and ensure business goals are met is essential.

Closing Thoughtsโ€‹

An employee field service management and time tracking software that fulfills all your needs is Fieldproxy - a one-stop solution to all your field service and employee tracking needs. With Fieldproxy, you can easily

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track resources with greater efficiency
  • Create tasks for different employees and manage them seamlessly.

And that's not all. With Fieldproxy, you can do so much more. Book a demo and improve your field sales teams with just a few clicks today.