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What Does Field Service Mean?

· 3 min read
Shoaib Ahmed
Abinaya Lakshmi

Employees who are hired to work outside the office are generally referred to as field workers or field service staff. Field staff are predominant in almost every business. The type of vertical or the function involved might differ according to the product each business deals with. Most common verticals are sales, operations, quality, supply chain, hiring, vendor operations, product technicians etc.

Where Are They Placed?

Field staff, as the name implies, cover the groundwork for their organisations - visitng marketplaces, distribution centers, warehouses, and whatnot. They work at the client’s location or the inventory where products are stored. They work for the business entirely from the market and support either directly or indirectly. You can see a detailed explanation of what kind of services and roles field workers play here.

Employees who take care of supply chain and quality work in the storehouses or inventories to streamline the quality of product, dispatching process, logistics planning and managing the organisation's assets or products. These guys support the business indirectly by placing themselves at the crucial stages without which the entire day might not go out well.


How Can Field Service Automation Help Your Business?

With a field service automation tool like Fieldproxy, you can easily

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track resources with greater efficiency
  • Create tasks for different employees and manage them seamlessly.

Employees who take care of sales, hiring or work as field technicians meet customers everyday, help them understand the business and the product, make them learn how to use the product and seal the deal. They keep consolidating feedback, issues and suggestions from the customers and build the space of improvement for the business. There’s no room for strong customer relationships without field staff today.

Performance And Payment

The field workers are generally given targets to work on. Their performance is measured with numbers, targets, volume, or even quality of the work they do. Based on the achieved target, the business gradually designs their pay structure that will benefit work out of them. Field staff can be on the company’s payroll or can be off the system. They can also be hired from an agency who will manage and keep deploying people as needed.

Maintenance of field staff is quite a tedious process and hence most of the companies choose to onboard them through consultants. Their pay structure will usually have more incentives and less fixed pay to motivate them and hit the targets.

Field Technician Salary

Hiring / getting the right talent onboard for field workers should be done carefully because the bottom line decision can be based on this team. Hence it is advisable for the business to put in more efforts while setting up this team. The better field staff, the better revenue a company earns!