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What Is A Field Service Provider?

· 2 min read
Shoaib Ahmed
Abinaya Lakshmi

Companies deploy huge fleets on the ground to take care of the core operations like sales, customer retention, customer acquisition, and such. Field Service Operations are often considered as a part of the company’s payroll or the company can choose to deploy the team through a third-party service. While hiring the field operation employees through a third party, it becomes easy for the company in terms of maintenance, payment cycle, etc.

This is where a field service provider comes into the picture.

Field Service Providers, as the name says, cater to the general and specific needs of customers and clients and continuously strive to offer improved and better field service support. They manage, maintain, and monitor the on-ground support technicians under a predefined service or maintenance contract.

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Here are a few straight to the head points that help you see how easy and streamlined it can get with the use of an effective Field Service Provider


Proactive and predictive maintenance is the main focus of Field Service Providers. With a high-end tracking system, Field Service Providers will be able to keep an eye on the resources deployed, number of heads on the ground and will be able to provide alternative headcount in case of emergencies. The IoT-enabled services will have the power to track systems and machines when they are down well before the operation cycle and get it replaced or fixed for a smooth process.

Mobile App Solutioning

Time and today’s world doesn’t wait for us. From decisions to solutioning, everything has to happen in seconds. Through technology, Field Service Providers makes this possible. Since the full tracking system is integrated through apps, it’s easy to use all the modules through mobile and enables quick solutioning to the technicians whenever they are stuck. This way, the communication also becomes very easy for both sides on a real time basis.


In Conclusion

A Field Service Provider saves your business time and energy. It also helps us run our field operations seamlessly with very less maintenance from our end. One fact that is sure about field service providers is that they are striving to offer better field service support.