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What Is Field Service Support?

· 2 min read
Shoaib Ahmed
Srinidhi Narayana

Field service means your business is coming to you. It could mean you're having to go out into the field and speak to customers face-to-face about their equipment or system problems, or it could be that you're installing new equipment in various locations across town. It's all about getting up close and personal with your business' stakeholders by reaching out to them directly and showing them how helpful your company's products are.

Field service management (FSM) is a system of managing employees and the resources required for them to do their jobs efficiently. By managing those employees effectively, organizations ensure consistent customer satisfaction and increase production by decreasing turnaround time on projects. Originally there was a considerable amount of time spent managing these people manually using a phone and doing paperwork but nowadays FSM software takes care of much of this process.

FSM software helps people organize their lives and perform routine tasks faster. This saves people time so they can get things done on time, helping them feel in control of their workflow and results. One benefit to using FSM software is that even if an employee is far away from the main office or off-site for whatever reason, they can access the help that they need when needed just by clicking a button or two!

Field Service Support Software - Fieldproxy

A field service technician's job can range from diagnosing the latest computer bug to debugging a faulty piece of equipment in a factory, or even just delivering beer kegs to local restaurants. Traditional examples of the industry include taking care of TV and cable issues or seeing an electrician deal with downed power lines but now this exciting sector offers so much more for those eager for a career change.

Field technicians can also be called upon to focus on specific office-related tasks such as installing new software, leading project work teams and more by using their multi-skilled approach. Because being able to access real-time data from across different devices means workers are able to work through complicated problems when issues arise no matter where they are!


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